Saturday, February 26, 2011

Academy Award Cookies & Free Printable Tags

I didn't have any Academy Award cookie cutters, but SugarBelle had a great idea of using a present cookie cutter to make a tuxedo and I used a simple square to make a director's sign and I already had a fancy dress cookie cutter from I don't like how the hand-drawn statues turned out, but they were a first pass, so they'll do for now. I also made really fun homemade Academy Award cookie tags:
You can use the tags that I made by clicking on the picture or going here: Academy Award Printable Tags

These were really fun to make and I know my niece will be very excited when I show up to watch the Academy Awards Sunday night with these cookies :-)
I'm going to go for a nice long bike ride tomorrow so that I can put off washing all these ;-)

Tomorrow I'll post the fun St. Patrick's Day cookies that I made with my 9-year old baking assistant, Sonia.

February 27th would have been my father's 72nd birthday, but he lost his battle with Cancer in 2008. 
Happy Birthday Daddy, I miss you every single day


  1. These are so fun, I'm sure they will be the hit tonight
    Sorry to hear about your father,hugs.

  2. @Haniela Thanks Haniela. You're always such a sweetie.


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