Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Assistant Bakers for Hello Kitty Cookies

Yesterday I invited two little girls over for a "cookie camp". Together we baked Hello Kitty cookies for the upcoming Cristin's Cookie Challenge. Have you checked it out yet? Oh it's fun! We have cookie bakers all over the country making Hello Kitty cookies together! Over 280 people have checked it out so far and I can't wait to see everyone's designs. How fun is that?! On Friday I will be posting on my blog some of the fun cookie designs people have come up with.

So a little after 9am, I had Skylla & Sonia sharing their day with me to bake Hello Kitty cookies. Since my own daughter is 27-years old and just got married and is working full time, I was missing some girl time of baking together and both Skylla & Sonia were very excited about the challenge. Sonia's mom and I were in karate together and Skylla's dad and I are in the same cycling club. Both very sweet little girls.

It was more fun than you can imagine to have a cookie camp day with the girls. The Hello Kitty cookies were harder than I expected, but we had a lot of fun baking and then decorating them. The energy in the room was electrifying. The girls were so excited and it was really cute to hear their thought process of what colors they were going to choose as they decorated cookies for each person in their family. Super cute! I'm not going to lie, it was a long day. It was a perfect day in every way, but I'm used to sitting quietly at my little baking table late into the night and instead I had two little chatterbugs with a lot of energy and super excited to be baking. When they left at about dinner time, my daughter called and I barely had enough energy to chat. I was WIPED OUT! Keep in mind that I usually have energy to spare. I completed a 400-mile bike ride in 26 hours, BUT this was a whole different challenge and these girls wiped me out ;-)

Aren't they so cute! Assistant Bakers...

 Sonia has been my assistant baker before and she's such a great worker and more helpful than you can imagine. I love having her over to bake.
 This was my first time really getting to know Skylla (off the bike) and she was so happy and cheerful the entire day. She's a really sweet little girl and we had fun baking together.
 Sonia with her finalized cookie platter
 Skylla with her finalized cookie platter
By the way did I mention that Skylla is a cyclist too?
 Can you imagine how strong Skylla's dad is? He is on a tandem with Skylla and then on the back of that tandem is a burley with Skylla's 4-year old sister inside. That is a lot of weight to carry up the 13% grade hill that we climbed. Very cool!
 Here we are at the lunch stop after the ride Saturday. I finished the day with 86-miles.
So get working on your Hello Kitty cookies. Oh by the way, In that long day of baking and decorating with the girls yesterday, guess how many cookies I completed? 3. Yep, three! I think I had too much fun playing and not enough time working ;-) I made up for it by working on cookies til 3:30am last night! 


  1. Wow how cool was that!! It sounded like it was alot of fun and they made some really good cookies too! What a great thing to do for them!!

  2. What a wonderful day the girls must have had doing these cookies. They did a super job on them and you are awesome for having them come over and share in this.


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