Friday, August 12, 2011

Cristin's COOKIE CHALLENGE 1 Hello Kitty Cookies

Are you ready to see some Hello Kitty cookies designed by some incredibly fun and talented people? I want to thank everyone for playing along in this first Cookie Challenge! This was such fun! I loved feeling like so many people were baking together! Unfortunately it turned out to be a crazy busy week for me with a different event, so I actually didn't get to decorate my cookies in time, but I still felt like you were sitting next to me and we were working together, even at 3am! ;-)

So lets start by providing you with some fun friendship cookie tags so you can give away your beautiful and yummy cookies to your closest friends. Just click on the picture below and it will take you to where I store the cookie tags that I share.
 Our first Hello Kitty cookies posted to my Facebook page came from Kristin Brownlee-Ceasri. As you can imagine, I just love her name and her cookies look fantastic!
 Our 2nd post of Hello Kitty cookies comes from Marguerite J. Mayhugh. She used her Hello Kitty cookie cutter to make pandas! How creative is that! Very cool!
 Next up is from Joyful Cookies. Aren't these so fun! I love the ones in the cute little jumper and those adorable B cookies too! All of them are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
 Next up is from The Baking Sheet. If you haven't seen her tutorial on how to make roses, you should check it out. I still can't make them even after watching the video repeatedly, but believe me, that is user-error! I'm a dork with Royal Icing, but all of Loren's creations are perrrrfect. She didn't have a Hello Kitty cookie cutter, so she used a regular cookie face cutter from CopperGifts.
Next up is from Cookies In The Cupboard. Kara is a sweetie and I consider her one of my baking friends. We haven't actually met, but I still consider her a close friend and I love seeing all her cookie creations. These cookies were from a different time of baking and then she also made some special specific to our Cookie Challenge that we'll see in just a bit.
 Next up is Tanisha Lane. This is from the same cookie cutter that I have. I ordered mine from Hong Kong on Ebay. Since my favorite cookie cutter shops are selling the smaller Hello Kitty cookie cutter and I prefer bigger cookies, I ordered the sandwich maker one and it looks like Tanisha had the same thought process. I made these with a couple little girls earlier this week and found them to be a tad difficult, but Tanisha makes it look easy. These came out perrrrfect!
 I just love this next one. What a cute bouquet this is right?! How fun would it be to receive something like that when you're not feeling well? This is made from FROSTING - Cakes & Cookies.
 Next up is from Becca's Biscuits. In addition to really cute cookies, I bet she has a super cool accent. She's from South Australia!
 Here's another one from Becca's Biscuits
 Aren't these adorable from HayleyCakes and Cookies? I love the sparkles on the bows. I'm a new fan to HayleyCakes and Cookies and very impressed by her cookie creations.
 Next up is from Tahna Evers - Door County Custom Cakes and Cookies. Isn't this adorable? I love that she found matching Hello Kitty ribbon to tie her cookie bag. Super cute!
 Next up is from Cookies With Character. These are so precise and exact. Really just perfect! I'm a new fan of Krista's and her Facebook page and so glad that I found it or that she found me.
 Next up is this little cutie from Karen Wilson. Adorable! I have to say that I prefer the different colors of the pink bows (like this one) over a red. bow. Are you surprised?
 Here's another pink Hello Kitty cookie. This one is from A Master Creation. If you haven't seen her cookies, you have to check them out. SUPER adorable!
 Now this is my kind of cookie - it's huge! How fun is that? My teenage son would be like "um gobble, gobble"! This fun cookie is from Trilogy Edibles - For the Love of Treats. Karen is a real sweet gal that always notices other people's work and shares them on Facebook and shares the joy of baking. 
 Now this is a treat. How often do you get to see a Hawaiian Hello Kitty? I LOVE this! This babe came from SugarHI Creations and it's such fun! She's in Hawaii. Are you jealous yet?
 Next up is this cutie from Flour-De-Lis. I'm a new fan of her and her gorgeous cookie creations. Don't you wish you could pop one of those little heart or bow cookies in your mouth right now?
 Here are the Hello Kitty cookies that Kara from Cookies In The Cupboard made just for our Cookie Challenge this week. She used colors that she had left over from an order she was working on so she made the cute Hello Kitty cookies going off to college. Don't even get me started thinking about college. The other day I was driving home and thought about the first cookies that I would send to my son while he is away at college (NEXT YEAR) and already started crying! Wow... Aren't Kara's cookies amazing! Very creative!
 Next up are these fun Hello Kitty cookies from Laura Trombley. How fun is this? She made them into jigsaw puzzle pieces! I just love the creativity! You guys all inspire me so much with your cool ideas!
 Here's a close up of the cookie from Laura Trombley also
 Next up are cookies from Munchkin Munchies. What a fun idea this is! The Hello Kitty bow on a stick! Too fun! I love this idea!
 And also the actual Hello Kitty cookies from Munchkin Munchies too. Just perfect.
 These next cookies are from a gal named Susie Simser and she is new to baking, but you would never know from her adorable Hello Kitty cookies! She baked turkey shaped cookies 4 years ago and then put her baking hat away. This Cookie Challenge inspired her to get out and bake again. How cool is that?! These came out perfect and I'm so glad she had some left over to show us. She said that her husband kept eating them while she was trying to decorate them!
 These are also from Susie Simser. I'm glad her husband didn't get to all of them! ;-) Great job Susie and thanks for playing along and joining the challenge!
 Next up are these absolutely adorable cuties from Ellie's Bites Decorated Cookies. Aren't those little banners so cute?! And they are all in my favorite color and with sparkles on the bow. Too adorable!
Here is a beautiful entry from Gabi Tagliabue. I just LOVE all the pink and these look so professionally done! Fantastic job Gabi and thanks for playing along!
And another entry from Sweet Tooth Desserts Sweets For Your Tooth. These are by Carsedra and she didn't have a chance to make Hello Kitty cookies this week for her challenge, but she shared these previous cookies withus. Aren't they adorable?!
And here's a last minute entry from Lorraine's Cookies. Isn't this adorable! Lorraine also made some really cute ducky cookie cutters for recently. I love it when people share their creativity! Thanks for playing along Lorraine!
I finally got a chance to make a few Hello Kitty cookies today! Here's my entry from Cristin's Cookies:
Thanks to everyone that played along with our first Cookie Challenge! We will definitely be doing this again ... soon! Stay tuned!


  1. WOW! What a stunning array of beautiful cookies!
    Well done Cristin, this is such a fantastic idea! I am so thrilled to have been included xoxo :)

  2. Thanks for hosting this challenge, it was a lot of fun! Our giant cookie didn't survive very long :)

  3. Thank you Cristin for the opportunity to be a part of your Hello Kitty challenge. I am looking forward to the next one, this is keeping me on my toes.

  4. Kara @ Cookies in the CupboardAugust 12, 2011 at 6:13 PM

    Thanks for such a fun challenge, Cristin! I think it got all of our creative juices flowing this week! Loved reading this blog entry and seeing what others came up with. They were all so wonderful!! Can't wait to see what Cookie Challenge #2 will be!

  5. Loved the challenge, and being included. Can't wait for the next one.


  6. Thanks so much for the great cookie challenge, Cristin! So many cute cookies. It's been fun! I did a blog post too:)

  7. Wow! I'm included on your blog! I'm so flattered and excited! Thanks for the fun challenge. Everyone's entries are so great! Awesome that while all cool, but still different.

  8. WOW what a wonderful post. I loved, loved, loved seeing everyone's creations...........including mine. LOL.
    Thanks again Cristin for getting me baking cookies again and I'm looking forward to the next challenge. May have to skip some challenges because of being busy or weight gain but I'll try to do them. :o)
    Thanks again for doing this even though you are so busy.
    Great job to everyone,

  9. Cristin!
    This was so great! Thanks so much for including "Hawaiian Hello Kitty"! Im so honored:)Looking forward to more challenge fun! Aloha!!

  10. Oh and thanks for the tags. Even though the cookies are all gone I may want to make them again one day. :)

  11. Such great cookies everyone!! I wanted to do the challenge and was going to make some new Hello Kitty cookies, but work and mommy duties had me very very tired this week! :-( But I still wanted to share (see the link) a Hello Kitty platter I previously made!!

    I will be sure to be a part of the next challenge and I can't wait to see what it is!! :-)

  12. Cristin, thank you so much for your words and posting my work! I´m from Buenoa Aires, Argentina, and we don´t have much information about decorated cookies, and you and all the women who share the experiences of decorating cookies, give us the possibility to learn. Believe me that you are an inspiration, continue working like this, here in the bottom of the world we read and learn a lot with your blog.
    Sorry for my poor english, we are in contact, and if you like to know where I got that PINK, believe my is from a local producer, an excellent one!!! The color is called "Barney´s Violet" yessss!!! because of Barney´s color! I could send you some if you wish.

  13. Thanks Cristin for going above and beyond to get my cookie photos! I loved seeing everyone's cookies, and it DOES feel like we were all "baking together!" ~ Laura Trombley

  14. What a great turn out for your first cookie challenge and what fantastic cookies by all the bakers!


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