Monday, August 15, 2011

Red Riding Hood Inspired By J.W. Illustrations

Today I want to share with you a cookie that I made of Little Red Riding Hood. This design was inspired by a digital stamp that I purchased from J.W. Illustrations. Jessica of J.W. Illustrations is one of my favorite clip-art artists. Many of her designs have inspired me to decorate cookies to match and she has a lot to choose from. Oh, and guess what... J.W. Illustrations is having a sale right now! 40% off all clip-art through Wednesday! Check it out. Here's my cookie:
I purchased this digital stamp to create the design:
I used my KopyKake to project the image onto my large rectangle cookie. I outlined the design using a #1 PME tip and black Royal Icing. I then let that sit overnight so the colors wouldn't bleed and I filled all the colors and then let that sit overnight again. In the morning, I used a black edible marker pen and gave Red Riding Hood her eyes, mouth and the detail of the top of her shirt and the ties on her socks. I also used a brown edible marker to give details to the basket she's holding.

Maker sure to stop by J.W. Illustrations online shop and check out the clip-art and digital stamps for inspiration in baking and for decoration on your cookie tags!


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