Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to Mickey Mouse! Tutorial & Free Printable Too

Did you know that today is Mickey Mouse's birthday? On November 18th, 1928, Mickey Mouse made his debut in the animated cartoon "Steamboat Willie" and became the mascot of The Walt Disney Company. Mickey went on to appear in over 130 films and  in 1978 he became the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

I have some other Mickey cookies that I'd like to make too, but I didn't have a chance for the others yet. However, I did get a chance to make these Mickey hat cookies for my friends at I used their large red Mickey cookie cutter which you can purchase by clicking here. You can order it in 5" like mine or 4" or even 2".
I tried out a few different fonts. The top two that say Karrie and Chris were both in Monotype Corsiva and the bottom left that says Cristin is in a Disney font and the bottom right that says Nick is using Freehand 591 font. Which font is your favorite for the Mickey hats?

 Here's how... for the Mickey hats, I used my Mickey cookie cutter and before I baked them, I used the bottom of the cutter to cut out the bottom section of the mickey head to create a hat like the ones that they sell at Disneyland. Then I used some Royal Icing to write Karrie & Chris (owners of on the hats. Thanks for the great idea Chris!
 So if you get a chance, make some Mickey Mouse cookies today and wish Mickey Mouse a Happy Birthday! And to get you started... I've created a Mickey Mouse cookie tags free printable for you to use. You can download a copy of the Mickey cookie tags by clicking HERE!

Next up lots of baby shower cookies for a friend.


  1. Cristin, did you use a KopyKake for the lettering?

    I vote for the Disney font.

  2. @Laurel Yes Laurel, I almost always use my Kopykake projector for writing. I have great handwriting, but it doesn't come out as planned on a cookie! The KK is great for that! :-)

  3. These are waaaaay cute! I love all the fonts. At first my fav was the top right because it reminds me of how they stitch the names on, but I really love the Disney font on the bottom left. I thought you made these because you were making a trip to Disneyland. I was going to say "Make a stop here and visit with me on your way there!" :D

  4. @Liz @ Arty McGoo Thanks Liz! I liked the one that looked like the actually stitching too, but like you, I think I now favor the Disney font. No visits to Disneyland. Too much going on here with all the college apps for my son. But we are hopefully planning a trip to Disney in February!

  5. I did not realize it was Mickey's birthday! So glad you did and made these cute cookies.

    P.S. Good luck with the college apps and I hope you do make it to Disneyland in Feb.


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