Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Elf Cookies

Elf Cookies
 I used a clown cookie cutter and cut off the edges of his hat and added the boxy part under his collar.
Since I was in an Elf mood, I also made these
and then I made a few other Elf things. To make this elf shoe & stocking, I used my witch shoe from Halloween and added extra cookie dough and mushed it together to create a leg with the elf shoe. 
 and an Elf in a snowglobe
 and another
 and these Elf faces too
 and a few more Elf stockings too.

So yes, our new Elf cookies will be starting a new family tradition of the Elf coming by to check if we're good and also to help design some cookies ;-)


  1. I saw Elf on the Shelf for the first time on FACEBOOK too. Someone's family blogged about having a breakfast to welcome their Elf. I went out and did the same thing. I still want to make the cookies too. I love Baking in Heel's version of Elf on the Shelf too.

  2. I love the Elf on the Shelf. My little mischievous elf, Jingles got into my baking supplies and made a cookie of himself one night. My daughter went crazy over it. It's really an adorable tradition.

    Your cookie looks Great Cristin.

  3. @Lorraine

    Thanks Lorraine! He was fun to do and my three year old went crazy when she saw the Elf made her a cookie lol

  4. @Giselle Lorraine pointed me to you Elf On The Shelf cookie post that I somehow missed and he was SOOO cute! I bet your daughter really got a kick out of the cookie that Jingles made for her!

  5. Darling, darling, darling.......Blessings, Donna B.

  6. Honestly Cristin, this is the first year that I've heard of The Elf on the Shelf too! I didn't bake any cookies and I didn't by the Elf or anything else but what you did for your Mom is adorable, just as all these cookies are!


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