Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Have A Secret

I have a secret! I'm good at secrets. Really I am. I was especially good at this one and I deserve brownie points for that. (insert name) are you listening? Brownie points! So while I'm really good at secrets, I don't lie. Really not ever. So I was lucky that no one came out and ASKED me about this secret, because then a big smile would come across my face and really that would be it. But I finally can share! BUT I'm going to make you work for it. I made some cookies to partially share the secret, but tomorrow's cookies (if I finish them tonight) will really tell the story. I'm super excited. Can you tell? ;-)

So what do you think? Ok, I know. You have to pretend those green things actually look like pickles. I tried, but I don't have ability in smooshing cookie cutters and re-shaping them, so we have to use our imagination here. Still... you see pickles and ice cream right? Do you know yet?
 Well how about if I add in a few more cookies.
 Okay just these then. Are we getting it yet?
 Ice cream sundae bowls
 Ice cream cones
 Ice cream swirly/softies
 Ice cream sundaes
 Pickles. Yaa I know, but they are. Just go with me on this one. Pickles.
 Hmmm storks...
 What is this?
Do you know? Do you know? I'm not really telling you til tomorrow's cookies. I know you're bursting at the seams just like me.... pretty darn exciting! I'm off for a bike ride - with a big smile on my face :-) and ok, tears in my eyes. It's just the way I am.

Oh and take a look at MY photo on the right side bar. Look at yesterday's post of my beautiful children. My last child is going off to college in a few months, so don't even go there....!


  1. YOU'RE going to have a baby???????????

  2. Either you are going to be a Grandma or a Mommy again.....I'm leaning towards Grandma which would open up a whole nother world of cookie occassions! Either way, he/she will be special blessing from God and you will somehow have to figure out how to smile wider than you already do! lol Blessings, Donna B.

  3. OH YA........Grandma! I have two grandson's and another coming in May. You have such JOY coming to you that you will be in utter AWE. :) ENJOY,

  4. OMG that last paragraph made me laugh out loud! You funny! Congrats Cristin.

  5. Someone is gonna be a granma :)

  6. Hang on to your pink ponytail. Being a grandma will be the ride of your life.

  7. your beautiful daughter giving you a grandbaby...or maybe two...Oh I can not stand it....I can not wait until tomorrow!

  8. Being a grandma of eight come Feb 6th I can only say you are in for the ride of your life. I wouldn't trade being a grandma for anything in the world. Either way whether it is another baby for you or a grandchild in you near future I congratulate you on your very special blessing.

  9. I think congratulations are in order!!!

  10. I'm guessing that your daughter and her husband are expecting their first child which of course means you are goings to be a Grandma! Squeal! I hope I'm right and if so congratulations to all of you! It's the most special and beautiful thing that can happen to a parent!


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