Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweet Shoppe Cookies - lots & lots of candy!

My beautiful baby girl celebrated her 28th birthday last week and guess what I did... I made lots and LOTS of cookies. I know you're so surprised. She didn't have a specific theme she wanted, so I chose a Sweet Shoppe theme and made LOTS of candy/sweets theme cookies.
 These were my favorites - candy dots
and Smarties
 Tootsie Rolls
 Peppermint candies
 Hershey's Chocolate Bars
Bubble Gum Machines
Cotton Candy
 Candy Jars
Candy Sticks
 Rock Candy
Caramel Apples
Ice Cream Cones
 Ice Cream Sundaes
 Ice Cream Sundae Bowls
Strawberry & Chocolate Shakes
 Ice Cream Swirlies/Softies
Push Pops
Birthday Hats
 Happy Birthday to my Mellissa
My baby girl, Mellissa, with her husband, Irik and my niece, Alexa
 Isn't she beautiful!
 Me with my babies, Mellissa and Nick
Would you believe that her birthday cookies weren't ready in time for her birthday? Terrible huh. I tried, but my super woman cape wasn't working and yaa I went a little overboard... (she would input .... gee, you think?) The cookies were done in time for the big 49er game though and everyone got to take sweet shop cookies home then. Tomorrow I'll show you the world's ugliest cake. I definitely need to stick with cookies ;-)


  1. I wanna live at your house.....would you like to adopt a 63-yr-old "daughter"???? LOL Blessings, Donna B.

  2. I thought maybe I had missed your post about what you made for your daughter's party but WOW! How many cookies did you end up baking and decorating?? They're all just wonderful!

  3. Seriously, you made all those cookies for her bday. How many were you feeding??? LOL They look awesome. Tootsie Rolls are my fav!

  4. Love them all. Your are so creative. I would never had thought of the dots but once I seen them I said why not they would be about the easiest thing to do. Both my granddaughters saw them and they loved them all and said "Grandma those are the kind I want for my birthday" Can I borrow your super cape?

  5. Sorry Cristin I should have said the easiest thing that I would be able to do. I couldn't even touch the rest of your stuff. You are so talented and definitely one of many I look up to when it comes to decorating cookies

  6. gee, ya think? is absolutely correct! but the cookies are DELISH, as usual. And for the record, it was NOT the world's ugliest cake and it was super yummy too!

    Love ya mom!

  7. @Lynda Lynda you're so cute. No worries. I didn't think anything of it. All the cookies were pretty easy, it's more a matter of TIME! My favorites are the candy dots. I thought they were such a fun idea. I had bought a whole bunch of candy clipart for the cookie bags and when I saw the candy dots, I just had to make them into a cookie! :-)

  8. @Anne Anne there were a little over 70 by the time I was done! Silly huh! We have a big family, but that was waaay overkill. It worked out well though. We brought a whole bunch of them to my son's hockey team and each hockey player got 2-3 cookies. They were happy! And at the football game on Sunday, everyone went home with a bag of cookies and the birthday girl still had probably 20 left over. Someday I'll learn to do things in a "normal" way ;-)

  9. You didn't miss anything did you? :) I love this set, and the dots are my favorites too! You are one busy baker!

  10. OMG, I'm in love with your cookiessss!!! they're so, so, so extremely cute!!! :)

  11. Like most others, I can't believe that you made so many cookies and then a cake! Melissa is one lucky daughter and Happy Birthday to her! All the cookies are fun and fabulous but the Tootsie rolls are my favorites :)


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