Wednesday, February 8, 2012

COOKIE CHALLENGE - Mickey Mouse Cookies Link-Up PARTY!

It's time for our 6th COOKIE CHALLENGE! We started these fun cookie challenges in August of 2011 and have done pretty much one every month since then. I just love it when we all bake together and share ideas/creativity/inspiration. I love it when I feel like my cookier friends are in my kitchen alongside me baking cookies even though we are actually all across the world! 

This month's Cookie Challenge theme is Mickey Mouse cookies! My son is turning 18 years old today. My baby. My last baby. 18. Where did the time go? I made a few Mickey cookies, but only a few. Yes, I know, I usually make a gazillion cookies with every family event. But this time instead of spending a week in the kitchen, we are at the happiest place for my son's birthday. The kitchen is a very happy place for me, but we are at The happiest place  :-) You know where.... don't you?

So here are the few Mickey Mouse designs that I made and I'm hoping that you will fill the gap and share YOUR Mickey Mouse cookies too. We will do this cookie challenge a little differently this time. We will have a link-up party! I'm super excited and it will be so fun to show my son YOUR cookies and you can bet I'll be telling him that my cookier friends baked all over the world just for him! ;-)

My Mickey Mouse cookie platter 
missing a few cookies that I made a couple days later...
Basic Mickey Mouse cookies
As you can see, I used a rolled chocolate cookie dough for these and added mint to them too.
Also detailed Mickey Mouse cookies
 Then I had this new cookie cutter and I couldn't envision what to do with it. I traced the cookie and sent this picture to my daughter, Mellissa. She is so awesome. She drew a full Mickey picture for me using exactly this cutter and I was able to copy her design. Love that kid!
 Here's Mellissa's design that she designed for me to decorate the full body Mickey Mouse cookies
 Then I made some  Mickey Mouse  shorts using my swim trunks cookie cutter
 and some  Mickey Mouse  gloves
 and also some from a mini  Mickey Mouse  cutter
 and some  Mickey Mouse  stars with my son's age on them
 and a few  Minnie Mouse  cookies in PINK. When I visited Minnie this week, I found that she wears red and white, not pink & white, but I really like these anyway...
 and yes they are chocolate chip too
So what did you make for our link-up party? I'm SO excited to see them!!! Oh and the wonderful and generous Karrie & Chris at have offered to send a FREE MICKEY MOUSE COOKIE CUTTER to one entry. I will use to choose the winning number.

Thanks for playing along in our Cookie Challenge!!!!
Winner of the FREE Mickey Mouse cookie cutter from is #28 Brenda! Thanks everyone for playing in our Mickey Mouse Cookie Challenge! I LOVE seeing all your cookies!


  1. HI :) I don't have a mickey cookie cutter but I have done some cokkies with mickey theme on my friend birthday :))

  2. I love Micky and Minnie! You did an amazing job one these! Character cookies are hard but yours look PERFECT!! LOVE

  3. Your cookies look awesome! What a fun theme! Happy birthday to your baby! My oldest is turning 17 next week. The cookies I shared were from awhile back, but made from the cookie cutter we got on our last visit to Disney World. I love seeing all the ideas shared by others and it really makes me want to break in that cookie cutter a little more! thanks for hosting!

  4. Happy Birthday Nick! I hope you all had a blast in Disney!!! Enjoy your cookies, real and virtual!

  5. Thank you so much everyone! Gosh I'm in awe of everyone's cookies! Beautiful job done by all! Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful creations! Nick is LOVING seeing all the cookie photos too!

  6. Your Mickey & Minnie cookies are wonderful, as are everyone's who linked up!

  7. Don't worry about pink Minnie, she wears Pink on the show "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" on the Disney Channel. (Ask me how I know that!!!)
    In your world, it's OK if Mickey wears pink, too :)

  8. @Paula Yay! We finally got the amazing Paula to join us for a cookie challenge! Thanks for playing Paula! You're always so much fun!

  9. @Stephanie Phew! Thanks Stephanie! I really wanted PINK Minnie, so it really helps to know that she is pink sometimes. I'm glad that my cookies weren't "wrong" ;-)

  10. I really couldn't decide which cookie to enter. I love love love Disney! Thanks for the cookie challenge!

  11. I entered my mouse ears!! Everyone needs a pair of those!

  12. Love this cookie challenge. Thanks so much for the fun display.


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