Monday, February 6, 2012

Lego Cookies & Info on our Cookie Challenge

Are you busy making Mickey Mouse cookies for the Cookie Challenge on Thursday? Hopefully you're all making some super cool Mickey Mouse cookies or if you don't have time, just submit a photo of Mickey Mouse cookies that you've made in the past and we'll pretend they're brand new ;-) My son will be celebrating his 18th birthday on Thursday and would you believe that I'm not going to have time to make a gazillion cookies like I always do? It's ok. I'll tell you why later, but you can just bet that he will be gosh darn excited when I show him the post of the Cookie Challenge and telling him that around the world my cookier friends are making Mickey Mouse cookies in honor of his 18th birthday! Remember that we will have a link-up party on Thursday for you to submit your photos. I will keep the submissions open for about a week for those that want to add in their photos afterward too. Thanks to everyone that submitted their photo yesterday to help me research the inlinkz tool before our Cookie Challenge on Thursday.

I didn't make football cookies for the super bowl yesterday since our 49ers weren't in the game and we had really hoped they would be. Thankfully I had several cookies available when my large family came over yesterday for the game. So today I'm going to show you Lego cookies that I made just for fun.

I'm super excited to see your Mickey Mouse cookies on Thursday. Keep in mind that they can be a very simple design or whatever works for you and thanks to the generosity of, I will use to choose one submission to win a FREE Mickey Mouse cookie cutter shipped from Karrie & Chris of
On a side note, I want to say that my life is so full and incredibly blessed. I am just bursting with joy. I hope that you have a great day and find the goodness in others and all around you. It's there. Thank you to all the angels that watch over me. I can SO feel you right now.


  1. I love the lego blocks! Great job! I have too many things happening this week to partake in the Disney Challenge... next time :)

  2. @Bertie we'll miss you joining us Bertie, but hope you can join us next time :-)

  3. My grand-kids would love these lego cookies. So cute!


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