Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baseball Cookies - SF Giants

We are San Francisco Giants fans - big time! My hubby and one of my daughter's is at the game right NOW! A friend of mine asked me to make some SF Giants cookies, so I made lots of them. You know me...

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We went away out of town over the weekend. I can't wait to tell you about it. Super exciting news. I, of course, made cookies about our journey. I should be done decorating them tonight, but I also have 90 cookies to bake tonight, so we'll see!

Baseball background:


  1. i absolutely adore these, cristin!!!! the baseballs with "giants" written on them are perfect!!!

  2. SOOO CUTE! We are baseball fans at The Cookie Puzzle also...Kansas City Royals fans. My husband has been 5 games this season already, he is there tonight...and going again tomorrow night...and we live about 100 miles from the stadium! But what can I say..we are try blue Royal Fans! I love all the cookies...I need a jersey cutter...where did you get that one...I love it!

    1. Thanks Kim! The jersey cutter that I used for these is actually a whole bunch of years old and it was a set given to me from my mom that came with a hat, shoe, dress and others. I never really liked the other cutters in the set, but I use the shirt/jersey all the time! I think it was originally a kit from Williams Sonoma.

  3. Go Giants! Cristin, these are soooo cute! I betcha the Giants would want to buy these if they saw them......hint....hint....or better yet, you could go to a game and sell them in the parking lot. Imagine how much money you could make! But, I know, that would get you in trouble. I would come visit you in jail though! hehe

  4. Love them all but especially the beards! ha ha. Mr. John is a serious Dodger fan and would think I'm disloyal if I liked them, but shhhhhhh, I do! All of them are awesome

  5. Excellent job! I tried to make some SF Giants baseball cookies recently for a friend in the Bay Area. I made round chocolate cookies, flooded them with white icing and put a Giants logo edible image in the middle of each one. They were perfect until I started piping the stitching on each side of the cookies. Complete FAIL! I couldn't get them to look symmetrical for the life of me!

  6. I didn't know you were local!! How exciting :) We are huge Giants fans as well, but I have not braved any Giants specific cookies yet. Yours look fabulous!

  7. I'm a Pittsburgh Pirates fan with a crush on your entire team. These cookies just totally made my day!

  8. Fantastic cookies and yes, you did bake a lot!!!:) I love the little baseball boy with the beard...too funny!


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