Monday, May 7, 2012

Animal Print Cookies and a Gift

I received a wonderful gift from a fan of Cristin's Cookies. Remember the other day when I told you that Yvette of CutnTiedByRedYvette sent my son a blanket to take away to college? How super thoughtful is that! Well in that package, there was ANOTHER special surprise. I was so excited that I had to make cookies :-) So I made some zebra print cookies and leopard print cookies.
Leopard print cookies against a light pink background
Leopard print cookies against a dark pink background
Zebra print cookies with two different pink backgrounds
Now ready to see the inspiration that these cookies came from? Look at this amazing gift from Yvette! It is soooo me!
See why I just HAD to make cookies! How fun is this incredible blanket! I love it! Thank you SOOOO very much Yvette for your incredible thoughtfulness!
and I have to end with a picture of my babies and soon-to-be grandchild! SOOOOO excited! Aren't they so gorgeous. My kids adore each other and I'm so incredibly blessed.
 Look at that grand-baby coming along! I can't contain myself!!!

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Smiley Face Cookies and a tired body

40 miles on the bike times 4 days = .... yaaa you would think it equals 160 miles, but really it just equals pain and sore muscles and exhaustion! Don't believe me, well let me paint a picture for you. I get back from my bike ride and I feel good that I was able to fit in a work-out ... until I take those two tiny steps down from my kitchen to my garage and those two tiny steps make me think that my legs are going to break off! Yep, that's how I feel. Yesterday I got rained on during my ride, not much, but enough that it was hard to see through my cycling glasses with water drops covering the lenses. Today the wind was blowing against me so hard that I was actually proud of myself when I was able to go 13 mph! It's hard to get back to exercise after too much time without it. But there's good news. One is that I've lost 4.5 lbs in 4 days. And even better... I get up every morning, and though I'm sore and tired, I'm ANXIOUS to get my stuff done so that I can go for a bike ride! And the best news is that it WILL get easier.

So to cheer myself up and keep myself going, I've decided to post smiley cookies today. A friend of mine asked me to make these. I used the Smiley face cookie cutter from This cutter is pretty cool because it does the work of taking out the smile and the eyes for you. You just use it as a regular cookie cutter and then when you lift up the cookie (before baking), the little eyes and mouth fall out and leave those empty. The cookie cutter measures 3.5 x 3.5.
 I added in some peace signs too

For this one, I used the same cutter, but instead of cutting the cookie, I used a regular circle cookie cutter and then used the smiley face cutter to make an impression on the cookie so that I could keep the eyes and mouth intact.
Ok, one last bit of fun... every work-out that I do, I enter on Plus 3 and I earn money with every work-out that is given to the charity of my choice. A bunch of my friends are on Plus 3 also and well, you know the boys, they love to compete. They are always egging me on making sure to beat me. Well this is a very rare occurrence, so I had to show you. :-) Notice the GIRL at the top of the leader board. Ha! It will change tomorrow I'm sure, but it's fun while it lasts and you can bet those boys will bust their bum to get ahead ;-)

Have a great day everyone. I have REALLY fun cookies to show you tomorrow and my present from Yvette!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Works For Me - Turn Table and some Patriotic Cookies Too

Today lets talk about a couple things that WORK. Okay I'll show you some cookies too. My mom asked me to make cookies for a political meeting she was hosting. So even though it's not July 4th, it IS an election year, so I made cookies that look like it should be Independence Day.

I made about 40 of these flags, but they were pretty easy and went quickly.
Okay if you're all filled up on cookies, lets talk about what works. A bunch of people asked me about my turn-table after the Arty McGoo video. Well I just recently bought a custom turn-table that I'm just in love with. It came from Paul of Paul's Specialty's on Etsy. I am so in love with my new turn-table. It is a custom 8" cherry wood turn-table. I have a couple Wilton turn-tables, but as you'll see in the video, I found them too large and would constantly have to move my cookie. My new turn-table is perfect!
I have to warn you, my usual videographer (Nick) was not available. I was multi-tasking... here's a picture of my work area with my new turn-table too.

Another thing that works for me is that I started buying my confectioners sugar and flour in BULK. I've saved a lot of money and even saved time because I break it up into re-usable bags of exactly the amount that I need. No more messy measuring. Well... there is the day of measuring the bulk bags...
 If you know me, you know I get a little nutty over messes in my house. This was a difficult day for me ;-) but well worth it!
and lastly - for today... I bought TWO Pearl Izumi cycling jackets that I've been wanting to show you. One in pink and one in lime green and I switched the arms on both and now I'm IN LOVE with my new cycling jackets. Doesn't this look much more like a Cristin kind of jacket! 
I did another bike ride today. 40 miles. I'm really trying to get back in shape for my son's graduation. And just to feel strong and healthy again too. No big snakes today, just some quail and more squirrels than I would like to deal with. Oh and some guy that as I rode by, he yelled out "yaaaa!" I was pretty glad that those pink pedals were turning quickly to get me out of there. It's been a long time since I've done a long ride and I've really been missing it! What do you do to stay healthy and fit?

Coming up next - more cookies and another surprise from a fan... Oh and I forgot to mention that today Cristin's Cookies hit the mark of 2,000 fans on Facebook! Wow! I'm so humbled and grateful for your support and friendship!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Graduation Cookies and a Surprise Gift

My youngest child is graduating in 25 days! I can barely say that without crying. I'm going to be SUCH a mess, but I'm so excited too. The other day I received a super special present in the mail from a Cristin's Cookies fan. How incredibly cool and kind is that?!!! Yvette from CutnTiedByRedYvette sent a personalized, homemade blanket for my son to take away to college! I was so incredibly touched by her thoughtful and generous heart. The blanket is of a nautical theme since his school is on a bluff overlooking a river and their logo has a ship's wheel. I'll show you the beautiful blanket below and also tell you about another surprise...

So I made graduation cookies. I will be making LOTS and LOTS of graduation cookies in the next few weeks. My son's school is hoping to gather 167 DOZEN cookies for their senior picnic and Baccalaureate. I can't even fathom that many cookies! Thankfully there are lots of volunteers bringing cookies to this very special event for our graduating boys. Here are my graduation cookies, all of the cutters are from

These were adapted from a tutorial that my friend, Callye of Sugarbelle's did last year. I had to make a silly one too ;-)
and these wise owls came from a cute design that my friend, Susan, of The Painted Cookie did for Copper Gifts. He's so cute!
Now, you can't tell anyone about my son's blanket. It will be packaged up as one of his graduation gifts, so keep a secret... shh ;-) This was a gift sent from CutnTiedByRedYvette from her Etsy shop. She sent a super nice card and another surprise too. 
 I will show you the other surprise that she sent in the next day or two. It's pretty awesome!!! Thank you for your big heart Yvette! Wow, I'm so incredibly touched and I'm sure Nick will LOVE his blanket!

So I FINALLY went out on a bike ride today. I rode 39 miles early this morning because I had a gal coming to pick up cookies in the early afternoon. It felt so great to finally get back out there. It's so easy to get caught up in to do lists and so many family things, but then I get out on the bike and I remember how much easier I handle stress and the endorphins make me feel on top of the world. Well at least until I saw a HUUUUUGE snake that took up half of the trail and I had to maneuver my bicycle around him. Ick!

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