Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Game Night Cookies and a Group Project

My cool friend, Nicole of Sugar and Stitches invited me to join in a group project. She wanted us all to make game night cookies. This worked out PERFECTLY for me because this past weekend was my mom's birthday and she rented a beach house for everyone to come and play games together to celebrate her birthday. So Game Night cookies couldn't have been a more perfect fit! Make sure to scroll to the bottom and click on the different links of the others playing along in this project.

My mom LOVES the game Rummikub and my niece LOVES the game Apples to Apples and the game UNO and my daughter and I both LOVE the game Phase 10, so I made several cookies of games that we enjoy playing together. I made these on chocolate chip cookie dough which made it quite a bit more difficult to design from my Kopykake Projector. They are FAR from perfect, but I know my mom will love the chocolate chip cookies.

Thanks for inviting me to play-along Nicole! Now make sure to check out all these other cool game night cookies! It was fun to play with you all!

  1. LIFE and Jenga by Nicole, Sugar & Stitches
  2. Skip-Bo by Cassie, Creations by Cassie
  3. Candyland by Tara, The Shaky Baker
  4. Card Games by Cristin, Cristin's Cookies
  5. Magic: The Gathering by Jennifer, Not Your Momma's Cookie
  6. Mouse Trap by Sherrene, The Sugar Tree
  7. Trivial Pursuit by Heather, Twins Plus One Goodies

Happy Birthday Mom!

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  1. These turned out amazing, Cristin! They look pretty perfect to me and I love how you made them for your mom. So sweet! What a beautiful lady!

  2. Cristin! I love this game set. Playing card games are my favorite. I love the creative blog's that everyone comes up with.

  3. Thanks for playing with us!! You really ROCKED these cookies! So glad you joined in on the fun!


  4. These are so wonderful! I especially love the Apples to Apples logo - it is perfect!

  5. You did such a wonderful job! I just love looking at these creative projects!

  6. Oh wow, Cristin! What a great idea!! I loved looking at your Game night cookies and the other cookiers' ones as well!!

  7. Great set of cookies, Cristin. You did so many different games....and yet each one is well done. :)

  8. I wish I could have contributed a picture of the cookies I recently made for a Bunco party benefiting the Muscular Sclerosis Society. You can see them here:

    1. Oh Anne these are SO perfect! You should contact Nicole at Sugar & Stitches. It sounds like she's going to do another blog party soon and I'm sure she would love to have you join in the fun! Great job on your dice cookies!

  9. Happy Birthday to your Mom, the picture of her is beautiful! Love this idea for a cookie blog party and you did a great job on your cookies.

  10. These came out so cute! U-no was a favorite when I was a kid. These are all fantastic... And now I have a cookie craving. Chocolate Chip?!


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