Thursday, May 3, 2012

Playstation Controller Cookies

I made some Playstation Controllers cookies for a friend celebrating her son's 10th birthday. I have lots of video game cookie cutters (Playstation, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 64 and X-Box) and I love them all. How can you not own video game cookie cutters when you have a video game geek enthusiast for a son! My son plays video games every chance that he gets, which isn't too often considering his schedule, but seriously he's addicted! So I always love it when I find others that share the joy of video game cookies for their child! Happy Birthday to Walter!

Look at birthday boy, Walter, and even Mario eating one of my cookies!

 Wow! Look at all these tv's set up with games. This would be my son's version of HEAVEN!
 Fun party!
I'm off for a bike ride and then I have a bunch of cookies to finish decorating. I hope you're all having a wonderful day!

Video game blog background for today:


  1. You have been so busy~baking and biking! :) Love how colorful these are.

  2. Wow! That looked like quite the party for Walter and he certainly looked very happy with his cookies. I love the bright colours Cristin. Hope you had a great bike ride and all the best for a great weekend.

  3. That looks like a super fun party! You made the perfect cookies for them! Love it!!

  4. Do you sell and ship the video game cookies. Looking for this for my sons party.


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