Monday, June 25, 2012

Cute Bees for Abigail & The LiveStrong Challenge

I did the LiveStrong Challenge yesterday. I rode my bicycle for 100-miles and raised exactly $1,300.00 in the fight against Cancer. It was super windy and the wind stayed with us all day, even with every turn we made, but that was the only thing anyone could have complained about. It was an easy course and the temperatures couldn't have been better. I've ridden in Davis 3 times before this and it can be gut-wrenching difficult with triple digit temperatures, but not yesterday.

At one point I found a guy that was pushing against the wind at a good pace and I drafted behind him telling him that he was my new best friend. A little later I pulled a group of stragglers for about 4 miles to the next rest stop because they looked like they were needing a break from the headwinds. We took it easy throughout the day and enjoyed conversations with people and enjoyed seeing my daughter, Mellissa, at the rest stops. We didn't rush through the course at all and instead enjoyed the experience.

 When we had about 30 miles to go, I got my second wind and we "raced" the course just a bit passing 39 people along the way and one of them yelled out "GO ANGELS". That was fun. In the end, one of the vehicles (SAG=support and gear) came by and they told us to ride directly behind them for a draft. It was really cool. The car draft pulls you in (so you have to be careful to not hit the car in front of you) and you can pedal without having to push real hard. I have to tell you that we felt like professional cyclists at that point ;-)

Then we got near the finish line and I lost it. I started crying pretty hard thinking of my dad and thinking of all those that we were riding for and all the people that supported my fundraising and joining me in the fight against Cancer. I sobbed... while still riding and trying to stay with the group. I got myself under control and then we came around the corner and there was the finish line and there was my daughter. I slowed way down to let her catch up to me. I took Mellissa's hand and while I cycled across the finish line, she ran alongside me. HEAVEN. I can't even tell you how blessed I felt. It means a lot to me to do this event in memory of my dad and it means so much to me to have her supporting me in this event. I know she'll be back riding alongside me when she's not 8 months pregnant ;-)

Okay, on to cookies.... so I bought another super cute outfit for my grand-baby Abigail and then I made cookies to match... of course. Everyone does that right?

and then I made a few more bees
and still more bees... 

Cristin and Mellissa at the starting line before the ride
 Our little Eddie's Angels team raised over $2,000 together!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ballerina Cookies for Abigail Cristin

My daughter and her husband are expecting their first child. A baby girl. My first grandchild. A baby girl. My baby girl is having a baby girl. I'm beyond excited! 

I'm not a shopper. I know I'm weird. I think it's the biggest waste of time to shop and I'd much rather be out on a bike ride or decorating cookies. But... then there's baby clothes. I'm HOOKED! You wouldn't believe how many baby outfits I've bought for my unborn granddaughter. I'm embarrassed to say. So instead I'll show you one. Just one today. I made some cookies to match. 
 I've never made ballerina cookies before, but when you have a baby girl granddaughter, I think it's required. Well if it's not, it's definitely required to make ballerina cookies after you see this absolutely adorable baby outfit. Isn't that just the cutest thing ever! Do you see why it was necessary to make cookies? Yaa me too.
I really wanted to make the ruffles on that onesie tutu. Glaze icing doesn't make ruffles. I have an idea for next time, but these will do for now.

 I know this girl face isn't really ballerina-ish, but it was so cute that I couldn't resist.

So one baby outfit and I made 13 cookies to match. Not 113 cookies, not 213 cookies, but 13 cookies. Since I usually make a gazillion cookies every week, I was pretty excited to make just 13 to play. 
Mellissa's baby shower is coming up on June 30th. The theme of the baby shower is jungle animals and I've never made a jungle animal cookie, so I have lots more playing to do!
Look at those smiles. Mellissa is excited to be a mom and Nick is super excited to be an uncle!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No Father For Father's Day

Someone told me recently that the reason she thinks I'm special is because I'm "willing to risk my heart". Hopefully sharing this part of my story, won't be too much... I'm not a strong person. Yes, I can turn the pedals of my bicycle and I can defend myself if I need to, but for the most part I'm a girl with pink hair that likes her princesses and fairy tales. Losing a parent means you have to muster up a different kind of strength to carry on. Very few of my friends have lost a parent. My friend, Princess Shannon, lost her mom. I just can't imagine the strength she has to handle that. 

For the most part, I do pretty well at being thankful for the years that God blessed me with the best father a girl could ask for. For some reason, this father's day knocked the wind out of me. I was sick for 11 days with a nasty bug that left me weak and vulnerable. Plus I always get very emotional as the LiveStrong Challenge approaches and then came Father's Day. I was just a mess. 
My dad lost his battle with Cancer 4 years ago. I took care of him every day for 7 1/2 months when he was battling Cancer. I took him to his daily radiation appointments, chemo treatments, fed him through his feeding tube and watched him sleep. When he got stronger, we walked around his neighborhood together. Then he had surgery and he was left in a coma for 36 days. He woke up once. I was the only one there. The nurses came in and saw that he was awake and I frantically called my family to come to the hospital. He slipped back in the coma before anyone else could arrive.

The doctors scheduled a meeting with the family. I knew what they were going to say. I felt like I was the only one fighting for him. I did my best. I said everything I could say to try to get them to change their mind. Have you ever had a panic attack? I did. Right there in the hospital. I went running down the hall and I couldn't catch my breath. I got into a restroom and wanted my clothes and jewelry off. I felt suffocated. I couldn't breathe.

It was scheduled. My father would die the following morning. My shoes felt like they were filled with cement as I walked into the hospital. My father showed me that I was right in trying to fight for him. The doctors said that he would go right away after the machines were turned off. My dad hung on for 2 1/2 hours. He was a fighter. 

He was only 69 when he lost his battle against Cancer. 

On Father's Day, I usually help the kids make pancakes for my hubby and then in the afternoon, hubby goes to see his dad and I go for a bike ride out to the cemetery to visit my dad. I didn't get to do that this year because hubby wanted to invite our families over in the afternoon and he wanted me to be there. So I went to visit my dad the day after Father's Day. I did a 48-mile bike ride and brought my lunch and sat at the cemetery enjoying memories and the cool breeze. I brought my dad his favorite Oreos.
On Saturday, I will be cycling 100-miles in our 5th LiveStrong Challenge for our Eddie's Angels team to make a difference in the lives of those battling Cancer. I haven't ridden much this year at all and I'm worried about not having trained for the event, but I'm going to do my best for my dad. My daughter, Mellissa, won't be riding this year since she is 8 months pregnant with my first grandchild, but she will be volunteering at the rest stops. I wish my dad could be here to meet his first great grandchild.
Thanks for listening and allowing me to get out the feelings that I've cooped up this past week. I didn't make Father's Day cookies, but since this is a cookie blog, I'll show you some past cookies that would have worked out well for Father's Day.

I love you dad and I miss you every single day. I know that God loves me because he chose you to be my dad.
I am $80 away from my goal of raising $1000 for the LiveStrong Challenge this Saturday. If you'd like to be a part of the Eddie's Angels team by making a donation, please click the picture of me and my buddy, Lance Armstrong, below and THANK YOU for your support! If 8 people donate $10, I'll hit my goal and together we will be a part of something bigger than ourselves and make a difference in the lives of those battling this horrid disease.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Soccer Cookies & Tutorial

Want to know how to make easy soccer ball cookies?
I bought this really handy soccer ball cookie cutter from As you can see, it already has the indentations for the soccer ball design. All you do is use the cutter like a regular cookie cutter and bake the cookies. It will create the indentations for you to design your cookies. I'm going to show you two different ways of using this cutter.
 I should have taken a picture of the cookies baked with the indentations, but I forgot. The photo below will give you the general idea though. The first way that I used this cutter, I used the indentations to create the design and I outlined all the areas. Then you would just fill those areas in black and white for your soccer ball. 
 The 2nd way that you can use this cutter is to bake the cookies as usual with your soccer ball cookie cutter and ice the entire cookie in white. Let that sit for a short while so that the icing isn't runny, but also isn't too too hard. Then take the cutter and create an impression on the top of the icing to show you the indentations. Then use the indentations to create your design and fill the black areas. Easy peasy.
 The first time I made soccer cookies, I completely forgot the filled black sections and only did the outlines. Can you tell I'm a hockey mom, not a soccer mom!
 I was very happy with how these turned out and they weren't terribly difficult thanks to the easy soccer ball cookie cutter from

These cookies made a very long trip to North Carolina to a friend's soccer team.
This is beautiful Dakota with her cookie after her team's soccer game. She and her mom hosted the snack for the team and these soccer ball cookies were a hit. Look at Ocho, the Boxer dog eyeing that cookie!
and here's my Boxer dog, Eddie, enjoying the fan on a hot day

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