Friday, September 28, 2012

Bee Cookies For A Friend and Abigail Too

My friend, Lori, asked me if I would make bee cookies for a get together of friends she was hosting. She even came over and "played cookies" with me. We always have such a good time together and chat the hours away all too quickly. 

 These bee cookies are HUGE and take quite a bit of time to decorate, but they are sooo cute! I had the cookie cutter custom made from Plastics in Print.

 These are Lori's friends. They had a fun girls weekend together.
and then there's my grandbaby, sweet little bee Abigail too
 and my beautiful baby, her mommy, Mellissa


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

SF Giants Are Going to the Play-Offs!

We are big SF Giants fans, I mean BIG SF Giants fans! My hubby goes to the baseball games often and I go when I can. My step-daughter is a huge Giants fan too. Well guess what! THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS ARE GOING TO THE PLAY-OFFS! Yep, there are still a handful of games left to play, but we're already set. How exciting is that! So I've been making a lot of Giants baseball cookies lately and have more that I'll be making next week too.
My step-daughter, Sarah, jokes that her dad has a "man-crush" on Buster Posey. Hubby definitely thinks that Buster is the best thing since sliced bread. He can't stop talking about how awesome of a player he is and we're all really hoping he gets M.V.P. Want to hear something a little funny? Hubby calls our son Buster. Nick doesn't care for it much, but the truth of the matter is that they are really alike. They look alike and their demeanor - well, spot on. Super calm. Super professional.... all the time. Nick is definitely a lot like Buster Posey - well except for the whole baseball thing ;-) Nick is hockey, karate and electronics. But just look...
So like I said, I've been making a lot of Giants cookies lately and now our team is going to the play-offs and we're super excited around here.

and I made a wonderful SF logo cookie too

I REALLY like the baseball buddy on the left, but my friends always ask for the one on the right to look like Wilson "Fear The Beard".

Lets GO GIANTS! Lets GO!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paint Palette & Brushes Cookies for the Artsy Crowd

I went on a bike ride yesterday and climbed a couple hills and am (surprisingly) not sore at all. I guess that means it's time to step it up. So this morning I dusted off my old treadmill that I haven't used in a couple years and walked/ran 3 miles. I'm sure I'll feel that tomorrow, along with my bike ride this afternoon. 

I made some Paint Cookies. I love making these. I'm one of those type A personalities that everything has to go a certain way, so when I make little blobs of color messes, it is out of the box for me :-)  I always think of my friend Liz (aka Arty McGoo) when I make art cookies. She's such an amazing artist. I'm always flabbergasted by her artistic talent.
The art palette cookie cutter is from and the paintbrush cookie cutter is from

Aren't they so cool all bagged up together!
I have something fun I'm going to bake today. Excited....

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