Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Michael Leaves for Boston College With Some Cookies

A bunch of my friends had boys that left for college last month. There were lots of graduation parties and lots of going away parties. My friend, Silvia, celebrated her son's next chapter - Boston College! What an incredible opportunity Michael will enjoy.

Silvia and I worked together as volunteers for our sons school the last couple years. She was always a sweetie with a big, welcoming smile. I'm sure that she is so happy for her son and his next chapter.

I started by baking a little more than 50 squares and outlining them with the BC logo.
 Then I made some burgundy/maroon colored glaze icing and filled the square leaving out the BC logo.
 Then I made some gold colored glaze icing and filled the BC logo. 
After I added the gold icing to each cookie, I added gold sanding sugar to make the BC logo sparkly.
 Here are all the BC cookies done
 Since the Boston College logo also has an Eagle, I decided to add Eagles separately instead of to the BC cookies.
So I baked about 50 Eagle cookies and then outlined them in the design that I wanted.
 I filled the brown part to the cookies and let that sit for a bit so the colors wouldn't bleed with the white on the eagles.
 Then I added the gold beak and the gold in the eyes. I added a candy dot to the eyes for the eyeball.
 The last step was to add the white on the Eagle head so that the other colors would be nice and dry.

I decided to bag them up together so each party guest received an eagle cookie and a BC cookie.

 Congratulations to Michael! We know you'll do fantastic at Boston College!

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  1. Thank you the tutorial. I love learning from you and growing in my cookie knowledge.

  2. I like that you left the eagle off the BC logo cookies and make individual ones. I'm sure everyone who received these were too. Great idea to sparkle up the lettering, really makes the BC pop!


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