Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's that time. When the ghosts and goblins come to your door looking for your hidden candy. You give it to them because they are cute and a little bit scary too. Well I made about a gazillion halloween cookies. No, I'm not kidding. Right about a gazillion. My daughter was a huge help. She outlined all the cookies and watermarked all the photos too. Both those jobs took forever and I so appreciate her help and she helped wash all the cookie cutters too. I stayed up til all hours of the night/morning to finish decorating the cookies. My friends asked me to make a variety of halloween cookies. I did a variety. Quite a variety. I made 131 halloween cookies. I used 35 cookie cutters, 17 icing colors, 27 tips to wash afterward. It was a big project, but I had a lot of fun doing it. Maybe a little too much fun. Sleep is good once in a while. I have to remember that. And these are B.I.G cookies. See what I mean. B.I.G.
So are you ready to see lots and lots and lots of halloween cookies? Lets get on with it then...

Pumpkins & Jack-o-Lanterns

Candy Corn. I couldn't decide if I liked them better with outline or without, so I made both. Which do you like better?

 I tend to lean toward outlined. They just look sharp.
 Witch heads. I just love the pink haired witches ;-)

Lots of ghosts. These are one of my favorites. 

Caramel Apples. I love making these. Once I made them with caramel flavor extract on the brown part and apple extract on the green part. Oh YUM!
 I don't add sticks to my cookies because I don't really like super thick cookies. Instead I tape them to the back of the cookie BAG. Easy peasy.
 Skulls. His eyes look about how I felt when I was done :-)

 Day of the Dead Skulls. These take a lot of colors, but they're worth the extra work because they are fun and cool.

 Haunted Houses. Another one of my favorites.

 Witches Cauldron 
In my favorite colors. Enough said.
Trick or Treaters

Pumpkin Bag for Carrying Candy. With candy or without?
 I like with candy. Always with candy ;-)



 Spiders. These are a super cute design idea from my friend, Sue, at Munchkin Munchies. She sent me a whole big jar of little pumpkin cookies to congratulate us on our new little pumpkin (Abigail). What a sweetie she is huh! I love these spiders she designed. Such a cute idea! They are made from a peppermint candy cookie cutter.

Witch Shoes and specialty Witch Shoe with leg. 
I added extra cookie dough to my witch shoe to create this leg.

 Jar of Eyes
 Smarties candies in halloween colors
 Lollipops - yum
 Witch Hats
 Mummy & Zombie from the same cutter. I forgot to make the zombie with a greenish head though. He's still yummy.
 Skull & Crossbones
 Smaller ghosts
 Scared cats
Small scared cats 
 Frankenstein taller head design
 Skeleton. I love these. I just bought this cutter. I think it's called Dead Fred. I wasn't sure it would work with my glaze icing, but it did and I was very happy with them.
 Voo-Doo Dolls
 specialty Monstrously huge spider web. This cutter is like 7" huge and with a spider cookie on top for extra scare factor.
 Large lips with fangs
 Medium size pumpkins
Small coffin
 Smaller bats
 and then there was clean-up time.
 Nick helped me to bag the candy corn cookies so that he could bring some to his girlfriend, Liann. He came home for his first visit from college and we had a blast soaking up time with him.
 Abigail is celebrating her first halloween today!
 Mellissa & Irik took her to a pumpkin patch and got some fun photos there too.
 Then she was tuckered out.
So as you can see, in all, there were LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of cookies. Thankfully Mellissa came over and helped me to bag them all after I made the cookie tags. This was a very large project.  
 Have fun with your first Halloween Abigail!

A zebra for Halloween

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