Thursday, October 18, 2012

A's Baseball Cookies from Mellissa

For today, Cristin's Cookies becomes Mellissa's Cookies! My baby girl made each and everyone of these cookies by herself! Proud mom moment for sure! My hubby and I are Giants fans, but my daughter's husband is an A's fan, so she wanted to try her hand at A's cookies. She did a fabulous job with them, wouldn't you agree?!

Great job Mellissa Anne! She was a little tuckered out after all that cookie decorating :-)

Daddy's little girl likes the A's too!
and she continues to be an A's girl

A's Baseball blog background for today:


  1. Awesome job! She's gets it from her momma ;)

  2. Mellissa did an outstanding job with these cookies. You two should form a business partnership :)
    *Daddy's Little Girl* looks adorable in her A's T-shirt. What a sweet little grin.

  3. Your DAUGHTER made these??!! Fantastic job!!!


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