Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cookies for an Orioles Fan

Well the crazy busy time of the holidays has begun. Last night I baked 91 large cookies and will be busy decorating them the next couple days and then have another 95-ish to bake on Saturday too. Oh, and you know, shop for gifts, wrap gifts, and attend various family events. There's always so much to do to prepare for the holidays. Two of my kids will be done with final exams after tonight and coming home. I love having my kids home.

My friend, Philine, asked if I would make Orioles baseball cookies for her friend. She convinced me because she said that they would be a lot like doing SF Giants cookies because they are the same colors. She asked me months before she needed the cookies. As the date got closer, she sent emails saying how excited she was. She got me wrapped up in her excitement too. She was absolutely adorable and she was doing all this for her friend. So I made lots and lots of baseball & stadium food cookies.
Baseball platter of cookies
 Baseball Jerseys
 Baseball Caps
 Foam Fingers
 Baseball Mitt
 Baseball Buddy
 Baseballs with Logo
 Baseball Banners
 Orioles Logo Cookies
 and then lots of stadium food cookies too
 French Fries with sanding sugar to look like salt
 Popcorn again with sanding sugar to look like salted popcorn
 mmmm Cotton Candy
 Hot Dogs. My hubby says he can't go to a baseball game without getting a hot dog.
 and then some big pretzels. I wanted to make a cookie cutter for these, but I hadn't figured out the technology just yet so I hand-drew these for Philine and I added white sanding sugar as the "salt"
 AFTER the Orioles cookies, I figured out how to make my own cookie cutter and I did end up making some fun pretzel cookies
Here is the gift box that Philine made for her friend. Don't you wish you were friends with Philine? Look at all the work, time, dedication and thoughtfulness that went into this gift!
 Absolutely beautiful!
 She has soo many wonderful goodies packed into this gift.

 You did an amazing job on this gift for your friend Philine. You have a BIG heart!
Okay, off to work on Christmas cookies...

Baseball blog background for today:


  1. And you have a big heart too for making such big beautiful cookies. You and Philine are both fantastic ladies.

    1. You are always such a sweetie Paula. Your comments always make my day!


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