Monday, April 30, 2012

Dog Cookies For A Bridal Shower

I made some dog cookies for a friend:

My friend, Becky, asked me if I would make dog cookies for her friend's bridal shower. She sent me a link to a small dog cookie cutter that she said she would buy for me to make those dogs specifically. I said that I would be happy to, but it was a very small dog cookie and my suggestion would be this large dog cookie cutter since she wanted to give them out as party favors for the bridal shower. She was very happy with that suggestion and knew that her guests would love the party favors. She bought the cookie cutter from and had it shipped to me directly.
After I baked a whole bunch of large dog cookies, I outlined them. My daughter drew me a fun design using the cutter as a guide. We thought it would be fun for the dog fur to stand out and I gave him a collar too. Just a warning - if you do all these little lines for the dog fur, it takes some time to get icing in every little area.
 Then I filled all the cookies with a pretty shade of brown and while the icing was still wet, I added a large eye for the large dog and a black button nose and a red heart to dangle from his collar.
Then I filled the red collar. Since I didn't want to worry about bleeding colors, I used small yellow dots of candy sprinkles as the detail on the collar rather than icing. 
 I used lots of different colors for the dots on the collars. Here's just a few. I was very happy with the dogs like this, but my friend wanted the dog to be brown and blonde, so ...
 lastly I added some blonde details to the dog.

I made lots of them and these were BIG dogs, so it took quite a bit of time. 
The bridal shower had a Wizard of Oz theme, so I added special cookie bag toppers to match her theme.
 Then I packaged up all the cookies ready to ship and prayed that their little tails would hold up in shipping. Becky said that every one arrived perfect! Oh I just love that!
Look at the blue & white gingham on the flower vases to match the Wizard of Oz theme. How adorable is that with these gorgeous daffodils!
 Becky, Liz (bride to be) & Christina
Cookies for the guests to take home as party favors
 oh and now I get to see why she wanted the dog brown and blonde ;-) Cute little Moises with the beautiful bride to be!
Bride to be, Moises the pup and Mother of the Bride, Lynette
Lots and lots more cookies to come...and hopefully a few bike rides too!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pizza Cookies and The Punch

My son punched a guy yesterday! In the face. That got your attention didn't it. How about this... I was proud of him! We all were! 

Now keep in mind that Nick isn't a little 5-year old boy that needs to be taught right from wrong. So if you're raising little children and reading this, know right now that this would not be okay in any other scenario and if you're faced in this situation with a little child, use it as an opportunity to teach a life lesson. That's why mistakes happen, so that kids can learn from them.

And they eat pizza - well, pizza cookies anyway

Ok, so back to the punch. Nick KNOWS right from wrong. Boy, does he ever. The kid NEVER does anything wrong. I'm serious. This is a kid that does his homework early. His room is clean. His time management skills are beyond incredible. Yes, he's really a good boy.

Things don't bother Nick. He is the most even-tempered and calm kid you could ever meet. He's also 18 years old, 5'10 and a Black Belt. So... at hockey yesterday we were playing a team with a couple rough players. It happens. It's hockey. Nick gets shoved like the rest of them and it rolls off him. He never cares. Well yesterday this guy shoved Nick pretty rough and then came up on the back of him and Nick turned around and punched the side of his face. I was watching the hockey puck on the other side of the rink, but my daughter, Mellissa - the ever faithful sister, was watching Nick. She grabbed my arm and let out a big scared sound as the kid went after Nick's back. She saw the punch, I didn't. All the grandparents were there. Everyone started asking if they saw what they really saw. It was a shocker. Grandpa Fred has always called Nick "The Enforcer" and he says that now he earned that name ;-)

Both boys were pulled. The other boy got a 5 minute penalty for bad sportsmanship behavior and this was the very ending of the game, so he didn't get to go back in. Nick got kicked out of the game. My Nicky. Kicked out of the game. And yes, I'm proud. 

So why, you ask? I'm done teaching Nick. He's learned everything he needs to know and then some about right and wrong. I have NO concerns about Nick's behavior. All I have left to teach this kid is how to treat a girl - which he'll learn in a couple weeks when he goes on his first date to the senior ball. For me, this was my release in knowing that Nick can and will stick up for himself if he has to. He can go to college now.

Oh and if you ask Nick about the punch, he says that it wasn't a punch. It was Nick getting the kid off him. Nothing more. But for us, we'll call him The Enforcer :-)

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

College Choice Cookies

Last weekend we took a drive. For 12 hours. Have you ever sat on your tush for 12 hours straight? You might have these dreams of your crazy-hectic life and then you get the opportunity to sit on your tush for a long time and it will be so relaxing. Well, not so much. Honest. Especially after 2 hours and your computer battery dies. Your legs tighten all up and you're in a small environment with your family. Very small environment... with your family... for 12 hours. With 2 guys. I won't go into details, but I bet you can imagine.

The truth of the matter is we had a fantastic weekend. I hope next time we will fly there, but it was definitely a memory making weekend. My son is a senior in high school. It was a busy year with his Black Belt test, his Eagle Scout project, the usual homework, chores, community service and lets not forget... all those college applications. Busy.

Nick was accepted to 9 wonderful schools. We visited almost all of them and loved each one. Nick had a VERY hard decision to make. 8 of the schools sent him a merit scholarship. All of the schools pursued him. At first it feels great. You did a good job with your son. He will do well in college. He will become the man that he is meant to be. Then it just feels... well, overwhelming. Then you remember that ALL of this is on HIS shoulders. You decide to be really nice to him and realize the pressure he is under. You bake cookies.

Nick decided on University of Portland. It is a private catholic school. Without the generous merit scholarship that they sent Nick, it would NOT have been an option for him. God is good. We walked on campus and fell in love with U.P. All of us. Nick liked the professors. He loved the campus. He LOVES the cold and rainy weather. The Engineering school is top-notch. The people are SUPER nice. Most importantly... Nick said that he felt most at home there. Or maybe it was the fact that 60% of the students are GIRLS. Ok, we won't go there.
So then you make the next step. You plunk down $400 and you get this huge smile from a boy excited to have his college student I.D. Then you go buy every single item you can find in the student store. Yes, we spent as much as we did for the registration fee!
Then you tell your University of Portland admissions representative of your decision and he literally jumps for joy. He's excited to get my boy at his school. How good does that feel?!
Then you email all the other colleges and tell them of your decision... ick that was hard. But you get over it and your mom makes cookies of your new school theme/mascot/colors and the world is all good.
 Since the U.P. color is purple, I tried to make most of these Nautical cookies in purple. Oh and for those that ARE going to ask... yes University of Portland is the school that I made the airplane cookies for when we visited their Bay Area reception. I thought their mascot was an airplane pilot, but it's actually a riverboat pilot! Thankfully and rushed me some cutters in the new, corrected theme :-)

 Oh and see the difference in the cookie from left to right? The left is my usual sugar cookie dough and the right is the OREO cookie dough recipe from Samantha of Flour-De-Lis... yum!

 and I made some in the "regular" Nautical colors too 
 Ok, so then you package up some of the cookies and mail them to Marty for being so excited that Nick is a U.P. Pilot!
oh and did I mention that we saw no less than 3 PINK bicycles on campus? Yes, it's a sign.
Super proud of you Nicky boy! My Engineering U.P. Pilot!

Remind me that next time I have to tell you about THE PUNCH. Ooh I can't wait!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Winner of Cookie Give-Away

On January 23rd, 2011, I made my first ever blog post with cookies that I had decorated for my niece, Nicole. Since that date, there have been over 100,000 visits to my blog. To thank you all for your support, your comments, your visits, I wanted to do a little cookie give-away. All you had to do was tell me a little bit about yourself to be entered into the cookie give-away. 

140 people were kind enough to take the time to tell me they want my cookies and tell me a little factoid about themselves. I LOVED reading all the comments and factoids! Some made me laugh, all made me smile. It was very hard to not respond to them, but I wanted to make sure not to mess up the count. Thanks everyone for playing along in the Cristin's Cookies Give Away to celebrate 100,000 blog visits!

And the winner is... (did you hear the drum roll? yaa me too...)

My oldest child was born April 22 and my youngest was born April 23.

Rikki-Dee I have sent you an email to get your mailing address and I will send you 1 dozen of Cristin's Cookies! Thanks to everyone for playing along! I really loved learning a little more about those that read my blog and join me on this cookie adventure!

It was a very busy week of cookie baking and decorating and I didn't have time for blogging, but all the cookies are gone now, so I should be able to get some pictures up this weekend. I'm very excited to show you them!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baseball Cookies - SF Giants

We are San Francisco Giants fans - big time! My hubby and one of my daughter's is at the game right NOW! A friend of mine asked me to make some SF Giants cookies, so I made lots of them. You know me...

Did you enter to win a dozen Cristin's Cookies? Did you enter a lot of times? Make sure to check out THE COOKIE GIVE-AWAY HERE.

We went away out of town over the weekend. I can't wait to tell you about it. Super exciting news. I, of course, made cookies about our journey. I should be done decorating them tonight, but I also have 90 cookies to bake tonight, so we'll see!

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