Friday, September 28, 2012

Bee Cookies For A Friend and Abigail Too

My friend, Lori, asked me if I would make bee cookies for a get together of friends she was hosting. She even came over and "played cookies" with me. We always have such a good time together and chat the hours away all too quickly. 

 These bee cookies are HUGE and take quite a bit of time to decorate, but they are sooo cute! I had the cookie cutter custom made from Plastics in Print.

 These are Lori's friends. They had a fun girls weekend together.
and then there's my grandbaby, sweet little bee Abigail too
 and my beautiful baby, her mommy, Mellissa


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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paint Palette & Brushes Cookies for the Artsy Crowd

I went on a bike ride yesterday and climbed a couple hills and am (surprisingly) not sore at all. I guess that means it's time to step it up. So this morning I dusted off my old treadmill that I haven't used in a couple years and walked/ran 3 miles. I'm sure I'll feel that tomorrow, along with my bike ride this afternoon. 

I made some Paint Cookies. I love making these. I'm one of those type A personalities that everything has to go a certain way, so when I make little blobs of color messes, it is out of the box for me :-)  I always think of my friend Liz (aka Arty McGoo) when I make art cookies. She's such an amazing artist. I'm always flabbergasted by her artistic talent.
The art palette cookie cutter is from and the paintbrush cookie cutter is from

Aren't they so cool all bagged up together!
I have something fun I'm going to bake today. Excited....

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Purr-Purr Said the Kitty Cat Cookies

Did you hear the California Cottage Food Law just passed? I'm so excited! What wonderful news! Thanks to everyone that wrote letters to Governor Jerry Brown and to those that signed the online petitions. And a huge thank you to Christina Oatfield and all her hard work and dedication on the AB1616 bill and Assemblymember Mike Gatto for all his effort in bringing our bill to the Senate! I feel like pulling out my 793 cookie cutters and having a big bake-a-thon! :-)

I made some cat cookies and made lots of different styles of them. I had so much fun with these. She wanted bright "fun" colors for the cats. Yep, I'd be happy to do that! 

I made lots of fun cat head cookies (with stripes and without) in super fun colors. This cat head cutter is from 
 I made a couple to send to Raymond at for his birthday too
 Then I made some cats with a side profile. My daughter helped me to design these.
 and of course I needed some paw print cookies too
I made a couple just for my hometown of Los Gatos since the LGHS mascot is a cat and their colors are orange & black. 
 and then I wanted to make some in "usual" colors too
 Then I made some "scared" cat cookies too
 and of course, I couldn't leave out Hello Kitty cookies! So I made some Hello Kitty big head cookies
and some big Hello Kitty sitting cookies too 
 Can you tell I went a little overboard on cats!
and look my little granddaughter as an adorable cat too. Awwwwww 

I made this fun cat blog background for today too 
Lots and lots more cookies to come 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Animal Print Cookies

I went on a long bike ride yesterday. I had a fantastic time, but it was quite eventful. In 117-miles and 25 cyclists, there were 3 crashes, lots of bloody road rash, 5 flat tires, 2 blown tires, 2 dropped chains, 1 very near car collision and 1 ambulance ride home. Scary huh! Thankfully I was able to stay upright with the rubber side down. I really like the ride leader and fully trusted his judgement, so I tucked in behind him and stayed at the front throughout the whole ride for safety. I had a great time and I loved seeing so many of my cycling friends. Unfortunately I had a difficult time sleeping as I had to keep getting up for water. I didn't do very good with my liquid intake. I'm usually very good about drinking and refilling my water bottles, so I think I was just so intent on staying safe, that I didn't think about all the usual stuff.

I made some animal print cookies. My little granddaughter, Abigail, had the cutest little leopard print jammies, so I was inspired to make cookies. I know, surprise, surprise. Little teeny tiny Abigail is already growing out of her newborn clothes. Tomorrow she will be 7 weeks old already!

 Isn't she just precious!!! How could I not make cookies to match this sweetie?!
 Time for a bike ride. I hope you're all having a fantastic day!

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cookies, Exercise & 3 Wishes

I had the busiest year EVER. I'm always busy and I always figure out a way to add just a few more things to my hectic schedule when I find a few extra moments of time, but this year has been crazy busy. Well my little world is a changing. Big time changing... 

I no longer teach karate. And my big volunteer job that was really a lot of work at school for the last 3 years is over now and handed off to the new incoming volunteer. I also no longer hold 3 volunteer positions within Boy Scouts. I'm not even the hockey team mom anymore although they are trying to get me to "adopt" a new team. And the big one... my son is now off to college. See what I mean? My little world is a CHANGING!

No, this doesn't mean that I get to finally watch television and eat bon-bons. It just means that I can fill my time with a little more "me" time. What do you like to do with your time? I'm excited that Mellissa and my granddaughter, Abigail, have been coming over every day. We have big plans of what we are going to do together. I'm excited to do more with Cristin's Cookies and attempt to get caught up on the gazillions of cookie photos that have yet to be posted to my blog. And I'm REALLY excited to get back in shape. That is what I consider "me" time. 

My friend, Elizabeth, at Arty McGoo posted this fantastic post about her journey and her goals in keeping fit. I found it really inspiring. I've decided to join her in that journey. Although I'm not going to CookieCon :( (son in college remember?) I'm going to pretend to be a fly on the wall at CookieCon and so my timeline is the same at Liz's (Nov 1st). With a middle goal of when Nick comes home for his first visit from college in 42 days (that's 984 hours, but it's not like I'm counting or anything!)

So I ate super healthy today and I got in a work-out and I have some cookies to show you.
 I figured these were just perfect for today so that together we can all make three wishes. 
 Here's mine: 1. Make time for ME so that I can feel healthy and strong and confident. 2. Nicky to do well in college and enjoy the experience. 3. More days when I wake up to Mellissa and Abigail being here. And since the Genie is a really nice guy, I'm going to throw in a last one. 4. That hubby does well at work so that I can get a little me time after taking care of my family all these years before having to re-enter the workforce. 
 These magic lamps were made from a large tea pot cookie cutter and painted with gold luster dust for a little girl's 5th birthday party.
So I started September with a 46-mile bike ride. It took forever because I'm super slow and out of shape, but I feel great that I did it. It almost didn't happen. My friend wasn't able to join me. I got a last minute rush of a cookie request and had to drop everything to make 7 batches of cookie dough all morning long. It was 2:30 in the afternoon before I finally got some time to start  the scheduled "me" time. I rode by myself. I was out on a country hill and a couple guys in a big van stopped to ask me something. I just shook my head and kept pedaling. If they came after me, I knew that I could turn around on the hill and go for a fast descent. I watched him in my rear mirror clipped to my cycling glasses and it was fine. I'm sure he thought I was really rude for not answering him, but I think it's really stupid when guys think that girls are going to go near a van with guys in it or open their door when they are home alone or other things that I just don't do. I might have a black belt, but I'm not STUPID.

Hopefully you got out and got some exercise and enjoyed some time for YOU. I've asked all my friends to post their work-outs on Facebook. I'm going to need all the INSPIRATION I can get! Join in and share what you're doing for YOU time and don't forget to share your 3 wishes too! :-)

We have started a Facebook group page for those that want to join us in the healthy challenge. The group is called Sugar Army! You can join the group by clicking on the name. We will be each other's cheerleaders and offer support and guidance and even hold each other accountable if needed. The challenge runs from now through November 1st so you have an end date goal to work toward.

Oh and I have some fun pictures to share with you. First is my Nick at his new college. This was move-in day for his new dorm.
He said that when he found the Engineering classroom, he felt more at home. Just look at that smile!
 And remember how torn I was because Mellissa was due to deliver my granddaughter ON the day that we took Nick to college out of state? Well God brought her almost a full 4 weeks early. Nicky got to meet her and she's helped to fill the gaping hole in my heart. Here's my baby holding her baby and look at those smiles. You can tell that Abigail knows the best place to be is in her mommy and daddy's loving arms. We are so blessed.

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