Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Love You S'More Every Day

I asked a bunch of you today on Facebook what you think this new cookie cutter is:
The general consensus seemed to be graduation cap, but there were some other guesses of a grilled cheese sandwich and an upside down triple decker sandwich with an olive and even a squished canoe carton? Also an upside down house and a leprechaun? I'm starting to think my Cristin's Cookies fans are a bit odd ;-) So what do you see??? Hmm. Here's what I see...

Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Download Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 Start with your pretty pink S'mores cookie cutter available HERE. Then bake your cookie. This is a pretty simple design. On the more detailed designs, I suggest a bit of flour on the cookie cutter and giving the cutter a wiggle against the dough.
 Then outline your design. Hint: you could click on this picture and right click to save it or download the tutorial cards HERE. Print it out and use it for reference to outline your cookies. You can add the dots on the top of the graham cracker after decorating your cookie or before. I prefer before personally. All a matter of preference.
 Then fill the graham cracker portion of your cookie top and bottom. I used Americolor Warm Brown and then added a touch of Americolor Gold to get the color I wanted.
 Next fill the marshmallow portion of your cookie on the first layer under the graham cracker top. I always add white food color gel (Americolor White) to my white icing to make it nice and bright white.
 Lastly add the chocolate portion of your S'mores cookies. I used Americolor Chocolate Brown. Don't you love the way it looks like it is oozing out of the S'mores cookie :-)
 And there you have it. Lots of S'mores cookies. 
Now wouldn't these be really fun for Valentines Day??? I Love You S'more Every Day!
 I pulled an all-nighter last night decorating cookies til 5am. I finished 108 cookies. I have a few more to finish, but I wanted to take a break and share these fun S'more cookie with you. I hope you find something to have S'more fun today! Okay, I'll stop now ;-)

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Making Abigail Into A Sock Monkey

Sock monkeys are the rage. Have you heard? They are super popular. Thankfully I have some great super monkey cookie cutters that I love. I bought a sock monkey outfit for little Abigail. Of course I did. I realize now that I shouldn't have bought the hat. The hat is pretty silly. And yet the hat cost about as much as the outfit! Oh well. Lessons learned, right? So I made some sock monkey cookies in colors to match the outfit. I would have loved if they were in a cute pink color, but no, they had to be in a shocking coral color. Okay. They still tasted yummy.

and here's the outfit. Darn cute huh.
 Then a friend asked me to make sock monkey cookies for a baby shower. Lots of them. So I was able to do "regular" sock monkey cookies too.

 and I've never done this before, but I made cupcake sticks too. Actually Mellissa made these. They worked out great for the baby shower.
 See what I mean about the hat? Not a great purchase. We'll leave it at that.
 Ahhh much better. And Abigail agrees. No hat.

I'm working on 112 Italian theme cookies today. I made several new cookie cutters for the event. I'm also working on making a new cookie cutter for another mystery cutter challenge. I have so much fun with those and seeing what others create. What are you doing today? Is it cold where you are? 

Have you played in one of our mystery cutter challenges? We have one running right now. There are only 4 more cutters available. You can see all the details and the cutter here:
You don't have to be an experienced cookie decorator to play along. Just come and have fun with us...

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mystery Cookie Cutter CHALLENGE

Are you ready for our next Cookie Cutter CHALLENGE?! Only the first 11 people will be allowed to play along. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to create a design using this cookie cutter:
After you create your cookie, send me ONE photo of ONE cookie. The deadline to send me your cookie photo to participate in the collage for this cookie cutter is Friday, February 15thI will create a collage and send it to all the participants. Together we will share the collage and everyone's awesome creations on Monday, February 18th. 

To order your cookie cutter, go to my new Etsy shop by clicking on the photo below:

Please include your email address on your mystery cookie cutter order. When you send me your cookie photo, please include a link to your cookie page on Facebook or your blog (whichever you want to include the collage link). 

I can't wait to see what everyone creates using the new Cristin's Cookies mystery cookie cutter! I knew exactly what I wanted to make when I created the cutter. My son-in-law picked up the cutter and said "oh it's ____" and I didn't even see that! I can't wait to see what YOU see in this cutter!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Having a WHALE of a Good Time

My daughter and I made these whale cookies to help with a fundraising event to save whales, dolphins and porpoises. I decided at the last minute to add in some dolphin cookies too and my daughter took a couple of them and designed them into killer whales. Love that kid. She's a genius you know. I never would have thought of that.

 and you know, just because I wanted to...
 cute little whale cookies to match Abigail's whale outfits

 These pictures were only a couple months ago. It's incredible to me how much she has grown and changed so quickly.
 Having a whale of a good time with Abigail and cookies...
 I'm off to a meeting with my boss from when I worked at Cisco. I haven't seen him in lots of years. I'm actually a little nervous! And then when I get home, I have a lot of cookies to get baking and some cookie cutters to make too. For everyone that missed out on the cow cookie cutters, my Etsy shop has been restocked:  Cristin's Cookie Cutters Etsy Shop. Have a great day everyone!

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Owl Always Love You

A friend of ours asked me to make owl cookies for his wife's birthday. He originally wanted them in just yellow and black, but I suggested adding in a third color for more details. I suggested pink and when he agreed, I did the happy dance. I had a lot of fun with these owl cookies. I made 28 of these large owls in 7 different designs and used two shades of yellow and two shades of pink. 
 I started by outlining the owls and planned their designs with dots, plaid, stripes, flowers, owl curves, swirlies and camo.
 Here is one of each of the 7 designs I chose

Here is Liz with her birthday cookies! I think she likes them! Thanks Ben. The owls were fun to make!

 Here are the 6 colors I used.
 and the clean-up
And of course I have to add a couple pictures of Abigail in her owl owfits

I received a special surprise in the mail the other day. One of Cristin's Cookies followers sent me some of her super cute "Unicorn Poop" cookies! Aren't these adorable! They were made by Kristy of Sweet Insanity Bake Shop!
You know those days when it would have been better to stay in your warm bed? I had that day yesterday. I went for a bike ride yesterday. It was really cloudy and overcast in the morning, but the weather report said it would clear up. We got really wet from the dew, but then it got thicker and thicker. Water was coming down off our helmets, I couldn't see out of my glasses and had to remove them. We ended up deciding to call it a day and head back. Our 65-mile ride turned into a 21-mile day. Unfortunately we didn't make it back without a flat tire and then when we got back, I saw that I also had another tire that had gone soft. 
 Oh and my bike got a bit dirty in the rain too... ick!

Today WILL be better than yesterday. I hope yours is great too!

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