Saturday, January 5, 2013

Go Big Red!

My father-in-law is a huge Huskers fan. I mean huge. For instance he lives in California, but flies out to Nebraska to go to a college football game. All of his grandchildren own Huskers red clothing. When you call his cell phone, it goes directly to a loud Huskers clip saying "Go Big Red" before he's able to answer the phone. I don't know much about football, but this seems like dedication to me. My father-in-law is an amazing man. He would do ANYTHING for his children or his grandchildren. He is the ultimate family man. He's calm and kind and thoughtful. He also walks for miles and miles every day. Since he's such a great guy and does so much for others, I decided to make him some Huskers cookies for his birthday.
 You can get the N cookie cutter for the Nebraska Huskers at
and some huge football helmets with the N drawn on
 and some huge footballs too
 and some Huskers foam finger cookies too
 and some sports jerseys
 and Huskers banners
and then I decided to throw in some cheerleader cookies too because two of his granddaughters are excellent cheerleaders at their schools.
with some cheerleading uniforms
 and the megaphone
 and some more N's for the Nebraska Huskers
 they look better against a black background don't you think?
 and I thought I should make some trophies to go with the Huskers football cookies
and then I packaged them all up in red gift boxes
 the cookies were a hit
 Here's Grandpa Fred with his new little great granddaughter Abigail
 he's just a little smitten with her ;-) Can you see that smile?!
 Grandpa Fred, Abigail & Mellissa
We are 49er fans around here too:

It was fun to make Huskers cookies for Fred. He does so much for others, it's nice to find something to do for him that I knew he would enjoy.

Huskers Football blog background for today: 

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  1. What a great gesture to Go Big Red for your father in law. Love the pics of the family too. Kristina


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