Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's Me, MARIO

My son leaves this afternoon to go back to college... sniff sniff. I thought maybe if I slept the day away, he wouldn't have to go. It didn't work and hyper people have a hard time staying in bed. The first few weeks he was home, he was really, really sick with Mono. So my whole concentration was just on getting him well and keeping him away from too much activity. But the last couple weeks were filled with games and movies, a trip to the snow and time with his girlfriend and even decorated cookies. And now Nick is all better and ready to return to college. I will miss him terribly, but it's an incredible opportunity for him. She says this over and over and over...

A friend asked me to make Mario cookies a while ago and I made some extras and sent them to Nick in college.I already have a plan of what cookies I will send him next.
 It's Me.... Mario! Remember him saying that in the game?
 and Luigi and Goomba and Princess and Bowser - my son called him Suppapear Bowser. "Mommy come kill Suppapear Bowser!" (he DISAPPEARED not suppapeared)
 and Toad heads
 and Yoshi
 and Bullet Bill
 Lots of large Mario cookies
 It's too fitting that he would hold up the Suppapear Bowser from his dorm room on Skype
 and for Christmas Abigail received Mario Kart racers from her Uncle Nicky
Last night everyone came over to see Nick before he left and we played Phase 10 together while the guys watched football. 
 I love you Nick. I'll miss you tons. And you know I'll count the hours til you're home again. Stay HEALTHY!

Mario blog background for today. It took forever to make those little bricks and Nick critiqued the entire way ;-)


  1. Cute cookies as always! I can't believe how fast time flies & Nick is back to college. No worries he'll be back before you know it.

  2. OMG I Love them!!!!!!! We're a card playing family too. :D



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