Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mickey's Girlfriend

My son, Nick, is home on vacation from college for the holidays. He was super sick the first few weeks with Mono. He slept all the time, had no energy and didn't seem like himself at all. He even lost a ton of weight. It was pretty scary actually. But in the last week or so he has started feeling much better, gaining strength and his smile has come back. It's been such a blessing to have him home to help him to get better. Since Nick is feeling better, we decided to go up to my in-laws cabin in the snow for a few days to get away. I always forget how much work it is to go away. All the packing and unpacking and laundry and cleaning the cabin before we leave and the 3+ hour drive each way, not to mention shoveling snow. All for 2 days away. But it snowed and it was beautiful and relaxing. Mellissa and her husband, Irik, and little Abigail joined us for the trip away. I used the entire drive both ways to watermark photos and make blog backgrounds so I can get more cookie photos up on my blog. 

So you know Mickey Mouse? You know his girlfriend? Today I have Minnie Mouse cookies to show you. I've made several of these lately. And a few Mickey cookies too since, you know, they are inseparable.
 So tell me, do you notice a difference between the top picture and the lower picture? I'll tell you. The lower picture is how I've always made my Minnie Mouse cookies. She has a thinner face which I always found to be a bit odd. There isn't room for her cute cheeks. They do just fine, but I like the ones in the upper picture better. The Minnie Mouse cookie cutter is from Since the odd shape of her face always bugged me just a bit, I decided to stretch her. It is a tin cutter and easy to do. I just widened her face a tad to make room for the fuller cheeks instead of the narrow face. That's all. Easy peasy.
 Much better. These are the "detailed" version of the Minnie Mouse cookies.
Then I also made some of the simpler version of Minnie mouse cookies. I like the pink bow.

 Lots of simpler version of Minnie cookies
Simpler version of Mickey & Minnie cookies

 Lots of simpler version of Mickey & Minnie cookies
 Detailed version of Mickey & Minnie cookies
I made these for my friend, Mary, her son who just turned 3 and celebrated with a Mickey & Minnie party.
My son just asked if we could make gingerbread house cookies with his girlfriend. Absolutely! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! I'm off to play cookies...

Did you see the super cute little girls dressed up as Minnie Mouse on my blog background? So cute! I just found those last night at ScrapWorld2010 Etsy shop. Natalya does gorgeous clipart and I love my new Minnie Mouse blog background! 

Minnie Mouse blog background for today:

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