Monday, July 8, 2013

Cotton Candy Cookies and a Cookie Cutter

I had a fun idea of making cotton candy cookies. And then, you know me, I took it a step further. I made a cotton candy cookie cutter, bought cotton candy flavor extract for the icing and even found cotton candy flavored cookie dough. My son really enjoyed them.

Candy Cane Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Card HERE
Download Printable Cookie Tags HERE
Do you have a sweet tooth like me?

 I started by making a cotton candy cookie cutter. You can get one too. It is available HERE
 At Target I found this cotton candy cookie mix and thought it would be fun. Warning - the cookies spread quite a bit compared to homemade cookie dough. For this design, it worked out fine though.
 Can you see all the little pink and blue sprinkles in the cookie dough?
 You can see the sprinkles a little better on the baked cookies. Look at the top cookie and the baked cookie. See how it spread?
 Then I found cotton candy flavored extract. There are several companies that make this fun little treat. I got mine here at LorAnn Oils. Note I did not put it in the cookie dough, but I did add it to my homemade icing for that extra fun cotton candy flavor to go with these cookies.
 Then I outlined my design
 Now you can see the difference in spreading. Both these cookies were made with the same cookie cutter. The cookie on the left was baked with the Betty Crocker cotton candy flavor cookie mix and the cookie on the right was my usual homemade decorated sugar cookie recipe. For this design, it was okay that the cotton candy flavor cookie spread, but it's not something you would want to happen on most cookies.
 Then I decorated all my cotton candy cookies. I left for a girls weekend away with my mom and came home and every single one was gone. I guess Nick really liked them ;-)
More fun cookies to come...

Cotton Candy blog background for today:


  1. How much of the flavoring did you put into the icing? I have it at home but have been a little worried about using it!

    1. Hi Diva, I literally just put a drop in. I separated my icing and used a small bowl to mix up just the pink and I added the cotton candy flavor to just the pink icing and so I just added a small drop. It is very concentrated, so you only need a very, very small bit. Have fun!

  2. Fun cookie idea Cristin. That is quite a spread difference between the box cookie mix and your homemade one!

    1. Yes, the cookie mix spread quite a bit. But to Nick, that just meant more cookie ;-) hee hee

  3. does the oil not break down the royal icing?

    1. No, I didn't have any problems with the extract flavoring and the icing. The company is called LorAnn Oils, but I don't think there is actually any oil in it. The ingredients are: Propylene Glycol and artificial flavor. I've used different extract/flavorings before without any problems as well.

  4. I have this same box of cookie mix and will have to try it! Your cotton candy cookies are so cute:)

    1. Give it a try Sue, I'm sure your munchkins will enjoy them! :-)


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