Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wedding Dress Cookies and a New Cookie Cutter

I was asked to make some wedding dress cookies for a bridal shower. I have a few wedding dress cookie cutters, but I wanted a little different design, so I made just what I wanted. I'm really happy with how the wedding dress cookies came out.
 I made my wedding dress cookie cutter with a thin waist and a longer bodice on top and a nice wide skirt with a scallop bottom for extra design. The wedding dress cookie cutter is available here in my Etsy shop.
 I decided on 6 different designs for my wedding dress cookies, here's one of them outlined and ready to decorate. If you'd like to copy it, just right click on the photo and save it to your desktop.
 I love how they came out. I added tiny dots to the bodice and an icing flower on the waste and light pink pearl candies on the dress design.
I made 6 extra cookies as "test" cookies to come up with different designs. Then I ate one. Yep, I did. It was delish ;-) Design #1
Here you can see the details on the bodice and dress. 
 Design #2

 Design #3

 Design #4
 Design #5

 and Design #6

 and then I bagged them up and they were ready to go
 Pretty fun huh!
and here's a beautiful photo of my three babies when my daughter got married last year.

I baked some cookies last night with all new designs. I can't WAIT to show them to you! Hopefully I'll be able to finish them up tomorrow to share them with you. Pretty fun for summer! Have a great day today!

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  1. Cristin you are killing me...I am in love with this cutter! You need to start a monthly cutter club..were I pay a certain amount and automatically get all your new cutters! Soon, all my cutters will be pink!

    1. You made me giggle Kimmie! A monthly club. That's an interesting idea. I bet all the people that order cutters from me every single time that a new design comes out sure would appreciate that and not have to worry about them selling out. I had a lot of fun with this wedding dress. Thanks for your constant support Kimmie!

  2. The dresses are all gorgeous! Love all the swirls and variety of designs!

  3. Beautiful dresses Cristin. I will be ordering this one soon. Kathy

  4. As usual you cookies look amazing!!!! They are beautiful.


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