Monday, October 7, 2013

Lets Go Dodgers, Lets Go!

I'll be honest, I am a Giants fan through and through, but our SF Giants played the LA Dodgers recently and hubby got us tickets. My in-laws are big Dodgers fans and we are big Giants fans, so it was going to be a fun game together. I ended up having too much work to do and last minute decided not to make it to the game, but the rest of the family enjoyed a great evening together. I had made cookies for the family to bring to the game.

SF or LA Logo Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Download SF & LA Baseball Cookie Bag Toppers HERE
Download SF Baseball Cookie Bag Toppers HERE

 I had a customer ask me for a LA Dodgers logo cookie cutter, so she was very happy with her purchase and I made one for me too ;-) you can get one HERE

and since my favorite are the SF Giants, I had to make a SF logo cookie cutter too. You can get one HERE

I didn't get pictures of the SF LA game since I ended up not going, but I have these pretty cool pics from another recent game and we had the most amazing seats and private box. Heaven! Oh and hubby even got to meet Will Clark!


So which is your favorite team? SF Giants or LA Dodgers or another?

LA Dodgers blog background for today:


  1. Let's go OAKLAND, let's go!! Go A's!!! :-D

    1. Yes, the A's are doing very well. And Abigail has a very cute little A's dress :-)


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