Monday, October 21, 2013

Something Special For Nicky - Kirby Cookies

My Nicky was in town this past week for his first vacation from college this school year. It's always hard to say goodbye, but we had a wonderful and relaxing time together. I blocked the week off on my schedule and didn't take any cookie orders so that I could just enjoy family time together. We played board games and watched a movie together and we went to the movies and also visited with family and friends. He is in the Engineering program studying Computer Science and loving it. He is doing really well and that makes it a little easier from missing him.

For Nick's 3rd birthday, my father bought him a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. THIRD birthday. So in other words, Nick has been the ultimate gaming nerd his whole life ;-) One of the many games he loves is Kirby, so I was excited to make him some Kirby cookies.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Download free printable cookie tags HERE
 Do you have a gaming nerd too? Kirby cookie cutter available HERE

Kirby doing that inhale thing that he does, available HERE

Kirby Walking available HERE

and the Kirby Logo available HERE

Nick and I made homemade oreo cookies together thanks to the yummy recipe from The Cookie Puzzle here
 and we played lots of games
and we even played a game with Nick's girlfriend while she's at her college
 Eddie has really missed Nick too
 I love this boy...
 Nick really liked his Kirby cookies
Missing my boy...

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  1. Happy that you had such a lovely visit with Nick. Hopefully he saved some of these cute Kirby cookies to take back to his girlfriend at college ;)

    1. Nick took ALL of those Kirby cookies with him when he visited his girlfriend at her college ;-) I was hoping a few would be left over to bring to his roommate in his college dorm, but I guess I'll need to make more to ship there. It's always good to hear from you Paula!


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