Sunday, November 10, 2013

Elf Cookies Named Marlene

I'm a little bit obsessed with Elf items now that Abigail will be enjoying her second Christmas and her little brother is due to be born any day now. I was so busy this week and wanted to make an Elf cookie cutter but didn't have time, so I put a request out to some of my cookie friends and offered a contest. They could submit a design to me within my specifications for the elf and I would choose the design that came the closest to what I had in mind and send that person a free cookie cutter. The winner was Marlene of She Bakes, so my new Elf cookie cutter is named Marlene :-)

Here is the design that Marlene sent to me. 
and the cookie cutter that I made
then I outlined my design
and I made my first Elf cookie. I fell in love with him, yes, he's a him and he's named Marlene. I'm okay with that.

Then I made several more. 

And I shared some free printable elf cookie tags that you can download and personalize by clicking here.

I bought little Abigail some Elf pajamas to match my new cookie cutter. What a cutie patootie!
 Mellissa asked her where the Elf is and here's what happened :-)

Elf Blog Background for today:


  1. Hi Cristin, I just placed my order. Can't wait to receive my Elf! He is so cute! Christmas came come fast enough. My niece and nephew as well as the adults are going to love him.

    1. Thanks Kathy! Your order will ship on Tuesday (Veterans Day Monday so no mail service). I was so excited with how these elf cookies (and cutter) came out. I know you'll have fun with them and I hope you'll share pictures!

  2. Thanks for my special surprise. He is beautiful.

  3. Very cute elf cutter and cookie (great design Kathy) and Abigail's pics are so sweet. Hope her little brother has arrived safe and sound and Mom and baby are doing great.

  4. Where can I order one of the elf cutters

    1. Send me an email to: and I can set up a custom listing for you to purchase. I will be re-listing the cutter next week as a winter child with hat & scarf also. In the meantime, the listing has been taken down from my Etsy shop, but I do have one left in stock right now.


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