Thursday, January 30, 2014

Man Of Steel

Have you met my little Man Of Steel? He is my kryptonite. I get weak in the knees when he smiles at me. This is Aidan, my little grandson. He is two months old. His big sister, Abigail, loves him. She thinks it's fun to lay directly on top of the tiny baby, so we are in protect Aidan mode often ;-) Doesn't he make you want to make Superman cookies? Yep, me too.
I used my Superman / Diamond cookie cutter - available in my Etsy shop here
 I started by outlining the design on my cookies
 and then flooded with bright red and bright yellow

 Then I bagged and tagged the cookies. 
and Abigail and her daddy got into the Superman theme too. As you can probably tell from looking at how young Abigail was, this Superman picture was from Abigail's first camping trip.

We finally have rain here in California, so my bike is getting lonely. I'm working on some wedding cookies today and getting caught up on cookie cutters too.

Superman blog background for today:


  1. I need to Photoshop a bow onto poor Abigail's head! Lol

  2. Congratulations to Mellissa on the safe arrival of little Aidan. He's a little cutie and I think he has the same little chin as his big sister! Adorable, cookies & little kiddies :)

  3. Your cute grandkids in their Superman outfits made me buy this cutter yesterday. Looking forward to making this one.

    1. Thanks Kathleen. I've had my Superman cookie cutter sitting on my desk for so long wanting to make these cookies! I'm glad it's finally off my wish list. They were easy to make and fun. Once I saw that picture of Aidan in his Superman pajamas, it was a MUST ;-)

  4. Those grandbabies are some cute! Love all the cutters you've been busy making.


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