Sunday, February 9, 2014

Broncos or Sea Hawks

Did you cheer for the Broncos or the Sea Hawks during the Super Bowl game last weekend? We cheered for the Broncos. I think most people from California cheered for the Broncos after the devastating loss of our 49ers the week before. I'll admit to knowing pretty close to nothing about football. And caring even less. Seriously. I happened to see the ending of the 49er game just because my bike ride got cut a little short. So given the chance, I would ride my bike over watching a football game. Or really doing pretty much anything else. But I do like our SF 49ers. What I don't really care for is hubby yelling at the television and the stress you can feel in the room. I'm not very interested in that! I don't understand the game, but from what I hear, there was some controversy and the 49ers shot themselves in the foot too. So we were out for the Super Bowl and suddenly became Broncos fans. Yep, that's how it works.

So I made some Broncos cookies. Now this you'll enjoy. I asked hubby what he was going to do for the Super Bowl. He said he was going to go over to his friend's house to watch the game. I said I would send cookies. I asked how many I should make. He knew I had a really busy week, so he said 6 cookies would be great. Completely do-able. So I stayed up til 2:30 am and I made 10 Broncos cookies. Then I got up early and went for a long bike ride. When I got home, hubby said he changed his mind and instead of going over to a friend's house, he invited 21 people over to OUR house for the Super Bowl. OH. Well that's interesting. I guess they can share 10 cookies.

So I started by making a Broncos cookie cutter. I decided to make him a bit thicker than the actual logo just to have a better sized cookie. You can get your own Bronco cookie cutter here in my Etsy shop
 Then I outlined my design. Now here's something funny. Getting a dark navy is not an easy thing. I have Americolor Navy food gel so I used that, but it wasn't dark enough. So I added more gel coloring. Looking back, I should have added a tad of black instead. But I didn't. So here I have Bronco cookies with a lot of navy blue food gel and you know what that means - yep, the people that ate them had purple teeth. Lessons learned.

 Hubby and our Super Bowl guests were very impressed by the cookies. So that's always a good thing. And they were easy to make too.
Too bad it wasn't our 49ers though.
Now hubby has no football and baseball hasn't started yet. Should I be worried? ;-)

Broncos blog background for today:


  1. Ah, we also pulled for the Broncos, as our beloved Saints got knocked out earlier in the play-offs :( Wow! 10 cookies for 21 people - MEN, lol! I'm sure they were happy to share. Both the cookies & your grandchildren look beautiful!

    1. Thanks Joni. It was a sad defeat, but an interesting game. I guess ;-)

  2. Dear Cristin, well...I live in Seattle and my 3 children were born in Seattle as well so, guess who we were cheering for?? lol :) :) and yeah, you can imagine what kind of cookies I made. I actually made 50 Seahawk cookies and since our group was about 80 people(yeah, big family!) I didn't make enough either. As you can imagine after that amazing game no one thought about cookies, food, snacks or anything. Just about every man, woman and child in our City went to the streets chanting, cheering, yelling and, believe it or not, some even crying....and actually the celebrations have not end just yet. It really has been amazing!!
    Ok dear Cristin, thank you for allowing me to share. I love all your cookies including the Broncos cookies of course!!!

    1. Well Rosalinda I should ban you from the blog with being a Sea Hawks fan, but sugar makes me sweet ;-) ha ha. You guys had a great win and I'm sure it was a lot of fun to enjoy the team spirit with family and friends!

    2. Ahhhh, thank you sweet Cristin for allowing me to still belong even though am a 12-woman LOL!!! Go Hawks!!! :D :D


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