Friday, July 11, 2014

Dinosaur Cookies - Finally

You know how you go to the grocery store because you need a head of lettuce, but you make the mistake of going when it's 5pm and all you've eaten all day is half a bagel and you're starving and while you're walking down the aisles, you decide on 7 different things you're going to make for dinner and then you get home and realize you spent $95.00 and really only needed a head of lettuce? Yaaa me too. NEVER go to the grocery store when you're hungry. Well that's what happens when you've worked on dinosaur cookies non-stop for 3-4 days straight - like literally, non-stop and your eating schedule goes out the window along with your sleep schedule. But the cool thing is that I got to make dinosaur cookies! I've wanted to make dinosaur cookies for over a year and I finally got the perfect opportunity. A customer sent me an email and asked if I could possibly make dinosaur cookies for her son's large 1st birthday party. Um, yes, YES I can!  So I made more than 80 of these fun dinosaur cookies.

Dinosaur Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Download Free Printable Cookie Bag Toppers HERE
I started with a fun Brachiosaurus with bumps on his back. I love him and had so much fun with him. My little grandson, Aidan, was the inspiration for this Brachiosaurus (you'll see why at the end of this post).

 I made this Brachiosaurus cookie cutter and then made changes 3 times before finalizing on the design. I'm very happy with how he came out and think he was worth the wait.

And of course a super cute Triceratops

Meet the Tyrannosaurus Rex

and of course a Stegosaurus 

and a fun Pterodactyl 

then I made a special Styracosaurus 

and lastly this super fun Tyrannosaurus that I've wanted to make for over a year! My friend Jennifer of Twins Plus One Goodies sent me a gift for Abigail a year ago that was a cute bib with this dinosaur embroidered on it (picture below) and ever since then, I've wanted to make dinosaur cookies! So  now my new obsession is to make dinosaur cookies in PINK!

 and lastly I made a mini egg just because

 lots and lots and lots of dinosaur cookies
 Then I bagged and tagged all the cookies
 and boxed them up for my customer
 and cleaned it all up and went to the grocery store to buy lettuce, well, you know.
 And I'm so blessed to have an extra muse now. Two dinosaur babies, Abigail & Aidan.
I had a great time making dinosaur cookies and it was worth the wait and longing :-)

Dinosaur blog background for today
Dinosaur clipart and inspiration for some of the dinosaur cookie cutters by the amazing pixelpaperprints


  1. Adorable! - Kate

    1. I never tire of telling you that you're always an artist and I love your work. Kisses from Madrid (Spain).

    2. Thank you so much Rosa! I certainly never tire of hearing your kind comments! It keeps me going! Hugs from CA :-)

  2. After days of making 80 dinosaur cookies non-stop you'd think that you wouldn't want to see another one for a long time but want to make them in pink! Great job on the cookies and the grand-babies are looking wonderful :)

    1. Yes, I'm a silly silly girl for sure. That last dinosaur the whimsical Tyrannasaurus Rex absolutely should be pink. I just can't help myself ;-) Thank you for your kind comments Paula!

  3. These are really cute! I was just saying two days ago that I don't like the dino cutters I have! lol

    1. Thank you Kim! It's so fun to hear from you!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Jennifer! And thank you again for the adorable bib for Abigail and lighting the fire under me to make dinosaur cookies :-)


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