Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is It Christmas Yet - Santa Cookies and an Elf too

We're going to jump ahead to Christmas. I hate it when the stores put the Christmas stuff out and it's not even Halloween yet, but all the cookie decorators are already planning what to make for their holiday cookie selections, so here are my Santa and Mrs. Claus cookies. I actually made these last year just in time for Christmas, but I didn't get a chance to post them or make the cutters available. This is putting me in the holiday season mood. I can almost smell the holiday cookies now!

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 This is my Santa Face cookie cutter. I love him. You can get one too by clicking HERE

 and so that Santa wouldn't be lonely, I made his wife too, Mrs. Claus. You can get the cutter HERE

 and Santa was bringing so many presents to my house last year for little Abigail, that wouldn't you know it, he got STUCK. Cookie cutter available HERE

and every Santa needs an Elf to help him during this busy holiday season and he can be decorated as a winter child too. Winter Child Elf Marlene cookie cutter available HERE

 two decorating options as an elf or a winter child

Download the tutorial cards at the top of this page (and every blog post) highlighted in yellow

 and you know that you need to leave out milk and cookies for Santa right? Cookie cutter available HERE

 and I love this cookie with bite cookie cutter and I use it all the time. Cookie cutter available HERE

Are you already planning Christmas cookies and Christmas gifts? We've decided not to give our older children money this year for Christmas. That means a lot of shopping. I hate shopping, but it will be fun to find something special for each person in our family. And then when I sit down to wrap all those gifts of love, I think I'll have some milk and cookies!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Eddie - Boxer Dog Cookies

I like to think that my dad is still with me, but at least today, I think he's watching over Nick. Why? Because I woke up with this peaceful feeling. I then started to remember what I was dreaming about. Nick was showing me around his campus. We got to this big pond and I sat down near the water and my dad was sitting in a chair right next to me. So I like to think that my dad is with Nick today at college.

Today is Eddie's birthday. Eddie is my 13-year old boxer dog. Boxers generally live to be 8-10 years old, so we are truly blessed with old Eddie. Yes, we named him after my dad. I adore this dog. If you're ever feeling not loved enough, get a dog. This guy follows me around the house all day, he sits ON my feet and he loves the grandchildren so much. He's just the sweetest dog anyone could ever hope for. 

Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 I started by making a Boxer dog cookie cutter, available HERE I named the cutter Edster the Boxer Dog because my friend Shilpi always calls my Eddie, the Edster :-)

 Thank you to Angela of Oh! Sugar Events for allowing me to use her Boxer dog design. When I asked her last year before making my cookies, she giggled and said "absolutely, I probably got it off a clip-art" but I searched  high and low and couldn't find anything nearly as adorable. So thank you so much Angela!
 Then I bagged up all Eddie's cookies (these were from his birthday last year)
 Eddie's most favorite thing is to cuddle up on my blanket. When he was younger, he would jump up on the bed early every morning and cuddle up and sleep for several hours (or half the day), but now he is too old and his back doesn't let him jump. Since he's also pretty much deaf now, he likes to sleep in the closet so that he doesn't get scared when someone pets him and wakes him up. So we keep a comfy blanket in the closet and he "hides" in there while he sleeps. Lately that is until about 3 or 4:00 in the afternoon! He's gotten very lazy in his old age, but he still goes for walks with us every night.
 Abigail calls Eddie "brown woof Eddie" and they adore each other.
Happy Birthday to my Eddie!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Obsession with Owls - Owl Cookies & Free Printable Cookie Bag Toppers

Are you obsessed with owls? A LOT of people are. Personally my obsessions are more toward penguins and polar bears, but I do love owls too. I made this owl cookie cutter when my granddaughter was only a few months old. The original design matched a pair of Abigail's pajamas, but this time I used the same cookie cutter and created a new design with the same cutter. I'm very happy with how these owl cookies came out. My customer wanted owl cookies for her daughter's first birthday party and using the colors pink, red and yellow. I had fun with them.
Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
Ollie the Owl cookie cutter available HERE
I started with my new design using my existing Ollie the Owl cookie cutter
 I outlined all the cookies with the new design
 I filled the tree branch first so that it would have time to dry so I could add some detail to the branch later after it was dry
 Then I filled the eyes and beak and feet on each owl
 Then I made the body of the owl pink for 1/3 of the total owls and yellow for 1/3 of them and red for 1/3 of them so that there would be a nice variety when they were finished being decorated
 Then I switched off colors for the belly and the wings and the detail on the tummy

 my favorite are the pink owls of course

 yellow body owls

 and red body owls
it was very late at night when I finished decorating all of them, so excuse the bad lighting of the completed table of owl cookies 
 I used a black edible marker to add lines to the tree limb under the owl

This was the original design of Ollie the Owl that matched Abigail's pajamas
 and the newer design using the same cookie cutter

I think this means that I need to buy 2-year old Abigail a new owl outfit. Right? Yep, I knew you would agree ;-)

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