Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Do You Want To Build A Snowman? Frozen Cookies

My little granddaughter is just the cutest thing ever. I adore her to pieces. But... have I ever told you that she is a scaredy cat? Like seriously, afraid of many things. Like an airplane flying over head, a car across the street, almost anything on television. The other day we were at an amusement park together and she got in front of my feet and squealed "UP, UP, UP Grandma Pinkie". I lifted her up and tried to explain that the character dressed up as a Garlic wearing purple tennis shoes, was not actually scary... well maybe it was ;-) I've tried to get her to watch various Disney movies with me, but she even cries when Tinkerbell flies across the castle at the opening scene. You know, before the movie even starts. When my children were little, they were allowed to watch a cartoon movie on Fridays which gave me the opportunity to vacuum and clean up, but not Abigail. So you can imagine my surprise when I asked her to watch Frozen with me and she sat with me through the whole movie! Frozen was a winner and the characters are such strong women. I just LOVE the movie. So I made some Frozen cookies.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Download Free Printable Cookie Bag Toppers HERE
 I started with Anna. 

 and Elsa. 

 and Olaf

 and the crown that Elsa wears

 and Ice Skates like worn in the movie

 and mittens like the gloves that Elsa wears

 and then I used my Hibiscus cookie cutter to make this snowflake

 and then wrote some Frozen words too
 I was very happy with how the cookie turned out
and then I ordered a Frozen theme outfit for Abigail, but it's not here yet. I'll add it soon :-)

and then I made this Frozen blog background for today too

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fun Ladybug Cookies

Last week I had a request for cookies and she didn't have a specific theme in mind. I saw a ladybug picture in a children's magazine a couple months prior and knew that I wanted to make it into a cookie. I even bought Abigail a ladybug dress because I had the "bug" to make ladybug cookies :-) So when this gal wanted cookies in whatever design I wanted, I finally got to make my ladybug cookies and I had so much fun with them!

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Download Free Printable Cookie Bag Toppers HERE
 and since her friend liked purple, I also made a purple set
This was the ladybug design that I found in a children's magazine and I made it into a cookie. Side view ladybug available HERE I loved the idea of flowers instead of the usual dots and loved the fun antennae too.

 Then I made a front view ladybug with fun antennae also. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and then I made a basic ladybug and loved her too. I gave her room for a head and antennae and an opening between her wings. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and since I was on a roll with ladybugs, I decided to make a girl with a ladybug dotted dress too. I named her Laila. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and you really can't have ladybug cookies without making flowers to go with them. I used my 5-petal flower and I added a ladybug decon to it. Cookie cutter available HERE

 then I also used my 5-petal flower to make a fun ladybug flower just to be silly, but then I ended up loving the silly ladybug flower. Available HERE

 pretty fun huh?!
 and since ladybugs are so popular with baby themes, I decided to add in my baby girl cookies with a ladybug dotted bow. And in case you didn't know, this cookie cutter IS named Abigail, the baby girl. Cookie cutter available HERE.

 The fun ladybug cookies were for a gal turning 40, so I also made a super fun 40 cookie cutter. Instead of a basic number, I went with this fun design. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and then Abigail came over in her new cute little ladybug dress and we made muffins together
 she already loves baking with grandma. 
the ladybug dress came with a matching headband too
Late last night I made 5 new cookie cutters for this week's cookies. I'm excited to see how they will come out too. Have a good week everyone! And go make some ladybug cookies :-)

Ladybug blog background for today: