Wednesday, July 22, 2015

She Said Yes

It is the time of year of wedding bells and walking down the aisle. I've made a lot of wedding dress cookies in the last couple months. One of these days I want to make a whole set of new wedding cookie designs, but for now, my wedding dress cookies are always a big request during the summer months. 

Cookie Cutter Available HERE
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Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 Wedding Dress Cookie Cutter Available HERE
 I like to do all 6 designs with my wedding dress cookie orders. When you're working on so many white cookies, it helps to break up the monotony by having several designs to work on.

Have you made wedding cookies this summer? We've had such a hot few weeks here in California. White decorated cookies are nice because you don't have to worry about the sun fading the color.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cookie Fun At The Aquarium

Now that it's summer, I'm trying to spend a little less time working and a little more time with family. So my daughter scheduled a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with some of her friends and I tagged along. I decided to bring some cookies for my grandbabies, Abigail and Aidan, to give out to their friends. I sent them a photo collage of a few cookie options that they could choose from and I agreed to make what they chose. I kept my fingers crossed they wouldn't choose a clown fish although I knew full well that they would! Yep, you guessed it, Aidan chose a clown fish. Abigail chose a sea turtle which is one of my very favorites. I knew that Aidan could wear the clown fish shirt that I brought home for them from Cozumel, so I quickly ordered a new outfit for Abigail with an adorable sea turtle on it and I got started on the cookies. The picture on Amazon showed very subdued colors and even though I really wanted to make bright pink and bright lime green, I subdued the icing colors to match the outfit. Well wouldn't you know it, the outfit arrived the next day and the colors are shocking bright. We had a lot of fun at the aquarium and giving out cookies to the docents that donate their time at the aquarium.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
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Free Clown Fish Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 Taylor the Sea Turtle Cookie Cutter Available HERE
 I normally outline all my cookies in black because I really like the way the colors pop with an outline, but I wanted these to match Abigail's new outfit. I use buttercream for my outline, so this was a lot of icing colors to make, but she loved them.
 Then I filled all the areas with my glaze icing.
 and of course clown fish cookies for Aidan
 Clyde the Clown Fish Cookie

 Clean up for this project was a bit of a bear for only 12 cookies. I think next time, I'll just have the kids choose one design :) 
One of my favorite sea creatures!
I can't take a selfie for the life of me and certainly not while balancing 35 pounds in front of me! But we had fun. That's what counts right?!
 The kids favorite display at the aquarium that has the clown fish in it.
We had fun giving out cookies to the kids friends and to the docents at the aquarium.
My two favorites at the aquarium are the sea turtle and the penguin with a close third being the sea otter, although I really love them all (jelly fish, octopus, and sharks too). What is YOUR favorite animal at the aquarium?

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mystery Cookie Cutter Challenge - Lets Play!

It is officially summer vacation! Our kids are home from school. Many of us have backed off from cookie orders to enjoy some play time. So.... lets PLAY! I created this cookie cutter for us to have fun in a MYSTERY COOKIE CUTTER CHALLENGE! So what do you see? What do you want to make it into? 

How to play along...

1. Click here to buy your challenge cookie cutter
2. Send me your email address so I know who is joining in the fun - email me at 
3. Bake & decorate your cookie in whatever design you see - ONE entry per participant (you choose which one, not me)
4. Email me ONE picture of ONE of your cookies NO LATER THAN JULY 28TH and include a link to your Facebook page or website (optional)
5. Keep your cookie a secret (do not post pictures until we share the collage together)


I will compile a collage of all the entries and I will send it to each of you by Sunday, July 31st (possibly sooner) along with the name of each participant and a link to their page (optional). We will all share the collage on Monday, August 3rd.

The Cookie Cutter Challenge is only open to the first 11 participants that sign up. All entries must be received no later than July 28th to be included in the collage. This game is open to all cookie decorator levels and both US and out of the country as well. You do NOT have to be an experienced cookie decorator or a rock star. Just join in the fun. If I receive all 11 entries early, then we can choose to release the collage early (together). Note: The squares on the collage will be in order of when I receive the cookie picture from each participant (the first cookie picture received will be the first in the collage). The only other rule is to HAVE FUN.

Get your cutter HERE to get the cookie cutter and join in the challenge.
Email me at: to let me know you're playing. Open only to the first 11 people!

I'm so excited and hope you are too! Time for FUN! I can't wait to see everyone mystery cookie pictures!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Congratulations To A New Eagle

With this title you probably think there's another Eagle Scout in our group. Nope. This one just graduated from Boston College. Did you know their mascot is an Eagle? So I had a fun opportunity to make an awesome Eagle. I love him. 

My son is finally home for the summer, but my daughter stole him for a camping trip this whole week. Yes, the word is STOLE ;) So not only do I miss my son, who I haven't seen in months, but I also miss my daughter and grandbabies too. It kinda sucks. But I've been super productive, so that's always a good thing. Truth be told, I'm a complete work-aholic, so I really don't need any excuses to work more. But I'm trying to develop a balanced personality (instead of my usual OCD personality) so I'm going for a bike ride after I share my Eagle cookies with you today. What are YOU doing today?

Eagle Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Eagle Tutorial Cards HERE
Download Graduation Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Graduation Cookie Tags HERE
 Eagle Head Cookie Cutter Available HERE

Graduation Cookie Cutters Available HERE 

 Graduation Cookie Cutters Available HERE

You can see all my graduation cookies and cookie cutters on THIS blog post.

Are you getting out for a bike ride today? If not, what are you doing FOR YOU today? Really, I want to know!

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