Thursday, September 17, 2015

Butterflies and .... BOATS?

The other day I told you that my cute little 3-year old granddaughter decided that she wanted the theme for her 3rd birthday party to be butterflies. Well there's something I didn't tell you... my granddaughter picked Butterflies as her birthday theme many months ago and my daughter went right to work on preparations. She bought butterfly plates and party supplies and decorations and started coming up with butterfly theme recipes and a butterfly cake. Well a couple days before the butterfly party, I asked Abigail if she was excited for her butterfly party. Her response? Butterflies and BOATS! Now imagine that last word BOATS in a drawn out cute little voice. Eek! SO cute! She had decided that it would now be Butterflies and BOATS. I looked at my daughter and she shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes, knowing that the theme and party preparation was already set. So while I was busy making about 100 butterfly cookies, I stopped and made ONE boat. A sailboat. Just for my Abigail. Silly girl... we are so wound around her little finger!

Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 I started by making a sailboat cookie cutter. I made it nice and wide for a good size cookie and a fun flag too. Cookie cutter available HERE
 and I outlined my design
 and then I filled in the sections in a simple way
 I wasn't sure if I would prefer the background filled in or not, so I tried one with the background in white
 Which one do you like best? With the background filled white or with the background blank? Normally I don't like any parts of the cookie to be "naked". That's just me. But on this particular design, I preferred it without he background. What about you? Which one do you like best?
and here's the butterflies that went with the Butterfly and Boat party. Again, such a silly girl.
Lots of butterfly cookies bagged and tagged for the party
 Abigail at the craft table at her party
 Can you tell she was happy about her butterfly (and BOATS) party :)
 Abigail wanted a watch for her birthday. I think she was pretty surprised and happy to get one from her mom and dad!
 And the one picture proving that my daughter was at the party. Moms work so hard planning incredible parties and this is so often the negative, we aren't in the photos. I hope all moms will make an effort to tell their hubbies to take a photo now and then because when the kids look back on those memories and photos, the moms should be included.
 Cristin and Abigail Cristin at the party watching the pinata
and Uncle Nicky very prepared to bring down that pinata so his little niece can get the treats :)

I hear that Abigail already has her next 6 birthday party themes pick out ;)

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bye, Bye Butterfly

My little granddaughter, Abigail, turned 3 a few weeks ago. THREE. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. My very favorite thing is listening to her talk. It's about the cutest thing ever. She decided that she wanted a butterfly birthday party. Have you ever tried to find butterfly wrapping paper? Not an easy task by any means. I looked everywhere and I mean everywhere, both online and in shops. Nothing. When I went to wrap her gifts, I pulled out my wrapping paper pile and would you believe that I had a sheet of butterfly wrapping paper?! Only one sheet, but it still made me happy. I bought her a little girl doll with butterfly wings and pink hair. Adorable! And some butterfly puzzles too. In addition to hunting for butterfly gifts, I also made some butterfly cookies for the party. I already had one butterfly cookie cutter design and I also had one from Aidan's bug party, so I came up with two new designs to add to the mix. I used her favorite colors and made some really bright and fun butterfly cookies. 

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
This is Betty the Butterfly, cookie cutter available HERE 

 And I love this new sideways butterfly design. She is called Beverly the Butterfly. Cookie cutter available HERE

 This is the butterfly that I made for Aidan's 1st birthday bug set. He is Blake the Butterfly. Cookie cutter available HERE

 This new design is Brenda the Butterfly (with face and hearts). Cookie cutter available HERE

 and this is a mini flower with 8 petals that I used to go with the butterfly cookie platter. Cookie cutter available HERE
I had just enough fun icing colors to finish decorating all the cookies
 While I was bagging all the cookies for Abigail's birthday party, hubby helped by folding the cookie tags in half. Look how very hard at work he is ;) what a good grandpa.
Some of the cookies all bagged and tagged for the party
 Then I made a butterfly card for Abigail's birthday. I didn't get to see her open the hand-made card or the butterfly gifts, but I'm sure that she enjoyed them and I sure enjoyed making them for her.
I wore some butterfly wings to Abigail's party and gave them to her. Here she is just adorable at the craft table with her butterfly wings. Precious huh...
Abigail at the craft table at the butterfly party
 Abigail was pretty happy at her butterfly (and BOATS) birthday party
 The cupcakes my daughter made into a butterfly
 and the butterfly cake my daughter made!
 Abigail wanted a watch for her birthday. Look at that face! We didn't get to see Abigail open her gifts, so I was pretty excited to see this photo today! Watch gift from her mom and dad.
 Cristin and Abigail Cristin at the party watching the pinata
Uncle Nicky ready to KILL the pinata ;) so that Abigail can get the treats inside
The one and only photo proving that my daughter, Abigail's mom, was actually at the birthday party. Problems of all moms. I don't want her to look back on her children's memories and wonder if she was even there. Must.Get.Better.At.This...
It was a very fun party and Abigail had a great time turning 3!

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