Friday, October 30, 2015

Fish Blow Bubbles

If you follow my blog, then you know that I finally got my car "pinked". I'm having so much fun with it! To be honest, the pretty pink car sits in my driveway most days. I actually think I use my bicycle a lot more than my car. But I love it so much. Yesterday morning I rushed out to a group bike ride. The ride was expected to be 44 miles, so I decided to drive to the start otherwise it would end up being at least 66 miles. During the whole ride, I worried about my pretty pink car sitting in a deserted parking lot. It was quite distracting to worry about a car! Then the wind hit our group. We were dragging along and everyone got tired and the ride was taking forever. I still had work to do and was getting concerned about how long the ride was taking. I asked the ride leader if she minded if I went ahead and met them at the rest stop. A few people joined me and I pulled them through the wind to the rest stop. Then I circled back and went back for the rest of the group and pulled them through the wind to the stop. At one point there was a huge construction ditch and we had to form a line to carry the bikes and help each person across the ditch. There was one straggler that got caught by the wind and I had to go out a mile to find her and pull her in. It was a great ride. Not only did I get a great work-out, but I felt like I was able to be of service. The fun part was that when I got back to my car, I ended up with 52 miles and there was a note on my car. It said "Hi Pinkie, I love your new car. From Linda". I haven't seen my friend Linda in a few years and she's not on Facebook, so I don't know how she knew it was my car, but her note really tickled me. It was a fun day. 

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We often make fish cookies and they don't include bubbles, so I decided to make this fish (named Fitz the Fish with Bubbles) and he has bubbles included with him. Cookie Cutter Available HERE 
 I outlined the design
 and decorated my fishies. I think next time that I'll do the bubbles in blue, but for this time, I wanted sparkly grey bubbles. You'll see why in the pictures below ;)
 Fitz the Fish with Bubbles

 On Abigail's dress, the fishy has a couple of jeweled bubbles in sparkly grey. She looks so adorable in this dress and it was the perfect muse for my cookies!
 Today Abigail, Aidan and I went to the fabric store. I had so much fun letting the babies help me to pick out fabric for some new outfit designs :)
Here's the fun note that was left on my car. It made my day :)

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Clara The Pig Tail Hair Girl and Cookies

My grand babies and I love to read together. We have a ton of books and many favorites. When my daughter was pregnant with her first child, a bunch of my cookie friends threw me a grandma book shower! I've never heard of such a thing and there probably isn't even such a thing, but they made one and it was AMAZING. These friends are located all over the country and they each sent a child's book to the coordinator of the shower and without any clue of what they were up to, one day I received a huge box of amazing books filled with love! Thankfully my daughter was here when the box was delivered and we opened each book and saw all the inscriptions from each friend. That was more than 3 years ago and we still read the books often and from that collection of awesome books, we fell in love with many favorites and have added to the collection too. One of the favorites of the grand babies (and me) is Pinkalicious. We have a ton of those fun books. Well now there is a whole set of fun books by Make Believe Ideas and we just love them. The stories are super cute and the illustrations remind me of scrapbooking. I love it when Abigail & Aidan ask me to read one of these books to them! So I felt a strong desire to make cookies of a little girl with fun pig tails similar to Clara in one of our favorite books.

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 Clara Girl with Pig Tail Hair Cookie Cutter Available HERE for all those fun cookies when you make a little girl with cute pig tails!

Aren't they cute bagged & tagged with mini cookies too? 
 One of our new favorite books to read together

 I sent one of the books to Jill FCS also for the children that visit her new cookie shop with a book wall.
 So what is your favorite book to read to your children or grand children?

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Back To School Apple Cookies

Our kids are back to school. That means Nick has left home to finish his last year in college. All my friends kids have left home to return to college too. I'm happy for Nick and his adventure and all he is learning, but I sure hate driving around the corner on my street while heading for my house and seeing Nick's car sitting there and knowing he's not home. He's where he is meant to be and he's learning a lot and becoming the young man he is meant to be. It's all good. But I sure like it when he's home. Oh and by the way, if you're a mom with a child going off to college for the first time, do NOT watch the movie Toy Story 3. If you're anything like me, it will break you ;) I made apple cookies. Because you know, that's what you're supposed to do when kids go back to school. I flavored them with organic apple juice in the icing and apple flavoring in the cookie dough. Yum!

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Apple flavoring added to icing and to cookie dough - YUM

You can see the tutorial for these Back To School cookies HERE
 You can see the tutorial on these Back To School cookies HERE
 You can see the tutorial on these Back To School cookies HERE
For those in the thick of parenting those little ones, know that it does get easier, it does go much quicker than you think it will and enjoy every bit of the journey that you can.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Frankenstein Cookies To Fight Cancer - Go Bo!

After I got back from CookieCon, I jumped right into making cookies for the Go Bo Bake Sale. I had a very small amount of time to make the cookies and get them out to the Go Bo organizers, so I decided on some pretty simple Frankenstein cookies. I was going to use my Frankenstein cookie cutter that I designed last year for Halloween, but my 3D printer was acting up and I needed a smaller size cutter. I went through my stash of Halloween cutters and found a Wilton Frankenstein head and decided that would work fine. Last year I made a whole bunch of designs of really fun and exciting Halloween cookies for the Go Bo Bake Sale, but this year was a very tight timeline directly after getting back from CookieCon, so I went with only one design and a simple design at that. Since we used to do a lot of money raising and awareness against Cancer with the LiveStrong Challenge, it felt good to be a part of the Go Bo Bake Sale. Bo was an amazing young boy that lost his battle to Cancer at the very young age of 13. Bo had a mission, his message was simple ... "Love each other, help each other, have your neighbor's back. If you see someone in need — even a stranger — reach out and help. The world can be a better place if we care and help each other." The Go Bo! Foundation brings hope to children with life-threatening medical conditions by funding research, supporting treatment, and helping their families during times of financial need. The Go Bo! Foundation is Bo's gift to us. It's a way for each of us to use our talent to give back. It’s a community of people gathering together with a single mindset ... paying it forward.

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These are some of the Halloween designs that I made last year. I had so much fun with them. You can get all the cookie cutters for these designs HERE
 This year I went a very simplistic way and just made some smaller Frankenstein heads using this Wilton Frankenstein cookie cutter

 I started by outlining my design
 and then I used simple royal icing eyes that were pre-made.
 Then I filled in the electric green for his face, black for his hair and light grey for the bolts in his neck. Easy peasy.
 Then just because I wanted to, I made a few using my design of Frankenstein cookie cutter.

 and I found this fun bag at Target and gave a couple of these fun Frankenstein cookies to my grand babies.

and I packaged up all the Go Bo cookies for the Bake Sale.  

Last year's Halloween Character Monster cookies, cutters available HERE
and Halloween Witch cookies, cutters available HERE
 and Halloween Monster cookies, cutters available HERE
 and even some spiders and cats and bats too, cutters available HERE
My daughter came over for a craft day and together we made this Frankenstein shirt for my grandson. He took a nose dive so his little face has an owie, but still absolutely adorable and he loves his Frankenstein shirt!
I can't believe it's already almost Halloween. 2015 is going so fast! What kind of Halloween cookies are YOU going to make this year?

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