Easter Cookies

Easter Cookies

 Buddy the Bunny
 Buffy the Bunny
 Charlotte the Chick
 Tiffany the Chick
 Chelsea the Chick in Egg
 Chocolate Bunny
Cross Detailed
 Draped Cross
 Easter Egg
 Gretchen the Girl with Bunny Ears
 Tami the Lop-Eared Bunny
 Lulu the Lop-Eared Bunny
 Marshmallow Bunny
 Marshmallow Chick
 Olive the Ewe
 Shelly the Sheep

Easter Cookie Variety
Huge Easter Bunny in Egg
Extra Large Bunny Face
 Bunny Profile
 Huge Chocolate Bunny
 Easter Bunny Face - medium
 Marshmallow Bunny
Huge Easter Eggs
Huge Easter Eggs Rainbow Striped
Sheep with Pink Face
 Sheep with Black Face
Sheep with Bubble Wool
Happy Duck
Large Chick
Cross with Specialty Flowers - I have a new large and detailed cross cutter too


  1. Hi can I buy some cutters easter I ' m from greece

    1. Hi Eleni, I don't currently have Easter cookie cutters available, but you can check back in my Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/cristinscookies. Most of the cookie cutters used for these Easter cookies last year were purchased from www.CopperGifts.com and they do ship internationally.


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