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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Off to College He Goes

My job is done. Ugh and the tears begin as I'm writing this first sentence. Ok, deep breath. Lets try this again.... my. job. is. done. Breathe. I have raised my children to be independent, self-sufficient, caring, loving, hard working, responsible, young adults that find the good in situations and the goodness in people. My friends have told me that the way for me to get through this heart-breaking phase is to know in my heart that my son is prepared. I've done my job well. There isn't anyone that could dispute that. I take comfort in knowing that I did right in parenting. If I did nothing else right, I did that right. I know that as my last child leaves the door this morning for his next adventure (college), he is prepared. That will be my mantra the next few months as I adjust to becoming an empty-nester. He is prepared. I did good.

While my first job as a parent is to teach my children everything they will need to know in this world to become independent, capable adults... I'm also one of THOSE moms. You know the kind. The ones that  hold on with all their might. Yes, that's me. I'm the one on the right. I've ALWAYS been the one on the right. 
Everyone tells you that the kids become horrible little monsters as teenagers so that when they leave, we don't break in half. We are happy to see them go. Well Nick never went through that phase. So hopefully you'll be understanding as I sit here with my heart broken in half and I feel like all the parts of me are coming out of my tears and my nose. Yep, that's me. I am who I am. Thankfully my kids get it. They say that I don't embarrass them, but they're so kind that they probably just don't tell me if I do.

Well, my Nicky is leaving for college today. After 18 years of having the bedroom next to my office where I can hear him laughing in his room playing with his friends or laughing during online games. His laugh makes me laugh. His joy brings everyone around him joy. Yes I will miss him terribly, but I've prepared him well. He is ready.

So we had a going away party for him. The school color is purple and the mascot is a river boat captain. I made purple nautical themed cookies. Everyone enjoyed some time with Nick before he takes off into the big world. And we had some cookies...

My little boy, my youngest baby, is now a young man. And I couldn't possibly be more proud of him. 
Uncle Nicky with Baby Abigail Cristin before he leaves for college. Please join me in saying a prayer for Nicky to do well in college and make a place for himself in this world. Oh and maybe a prayer for his mom to not be a complete puddle of tears :-)
Nick has been finding me in my office or in the kitchen or wherever and just putting his arms around me and giving me lots and lots of looong hugs. I'm sure it's for my benefit, but he says it is for both of us. How could a mom be sad when she is this blessed?

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Nautical blog background picture for today:
Lots more cookies to come. I have to send cookies to Nick in college don't I?!