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Friday, January 18, 2013

Go Fish! for a baby shower

A friend asked if I would make fish cookies for a baby shower. She wanted fish cookies and baby shower theme cookies all done in blue and orange. I hadn't done fish cookies before so I was more than happy to play Go Fish.

Here's baby Abigail when she was just a newborn in a cute little fishy onesie
and now. I can't believe how much my little grandaughter has grown already!

Fish blog background for today:

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby Shower Cookies for a Girl

This was fun. I had an opportunity to make cookies for a girl baby shower for my friend. I love girly stuff. I love pink. My favorite this time was the pregnant mom. I told my daughter, Mellissa, that I wanted to make her wearing a dress and boots instead of a long shirt and pants. She came over and drew around my cookie cutter and then designed the cookie for me. She is amazing. I adore my baby girl. Here's the fun girly baby shower cookies.
Here's the pregnant mom wearing a dress and boots designed by my daughter, Mellissa. Pretty darn cute huh!
My other favorite is the baby playing peek-a-boo. Last time I made a boy wearing pajamas and this time I made a girl with a cute diaper. This was harder than I expected. Trying to determine where to draw the legs was difficult and I had to scrape it off a couple times before getting the design I wanted.
And another minor change, I made my baby face cookie with a cute little pink bow instead of hair. I love how these came out.
Baby pacifiers with sanding sugar to make the sucky part sparkle
Baby strollers in pink & brown. I think pink & lime green would have been fun too.
 Baby Rattles  - love the big sparkly bow on these
Duckies with a sparkly sugar filled wing
Baby Block. I used my Kopykake projector to draw the ABC on these
Baby Onesie
 Mom for the new mom
 An adorable pink teddy bear
 Baby Bib
 I love this stork cutter from He's pretty break-able, but such a fun design
Pink baby bottle with brown trim and a sparkly sucker
And now it's time to start working on Christmas cookies. Would you believe that I still have a few Thanksgiving cookie designs that I didn't finish?

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. My son, Nick, went to a friend's house for 1 1/2 days. I didn't like him not being home. I'm not going to do very well when he goes away to college! Thankfully the next day, he had the friends come to our house instead. I like that better :-) and we have lots of cookies!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Boy Cookies

I haven't had an opportunity to make baby shower cookies for a friend in a long time. I've bought a TON of new baby shower cookie cutters though. I had a chance to make baby shower cookies for a friend. Her daughter is having a baby boy named Connor and next week I have another friend that I get to make baby girl cookies for! So here are both baby boy and baby girl cookies. As usual I made quite a variety :-) Which one is your favorite? 
and baby girl cookies too
This one is my personal favorite. The peek-a-boo baby cutter is from I gave them pink rosy cheeks and a tiny bit of hair. My 17-year old son saw these and he said he missed his feety pajamas, awww ;-)
and baby strollers. This is a nice large cutter from They stretched it bigger for me because they are so nice!
I looked everywhere for a rattle with a big bow. I had a very specific one in mind that I wanted. I was glad to finally find one. This one is from Kitchen Collectibles.
and a nice large pacifier. I love the sanding sugar on the sucky part!
and an adorable baby face. I have another idea of decorating them too that I will try next week. Love that I finally figured out how to do the rosy cheeks! Hint: Luster dust and q-tip...
Baby Bottles. This is a large cutter from Old River Road on
I love this present cookie cutter and use it for almost every event!
Baby onesie. I LOVE the stripes!
Stork bringing in the baby
Pregnant mom with umbrella. Super cute huh! I have another idea on decorating her that I will try too. Love this one.
Mom word
Rubber ducky, you're the one...
Baby bibs
Baby blocks. I decided I liked the letters outlined and not filled in.
Teddy Bears
Teddy Bears - cuddly huh!
Okay and that's it for the baby shower cookie parade. So which one is your favorite? Have a great weekend everyone!  Next up Thanksgiving cookies...