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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

An Elephant Never Forgets - Cookies & Cookie Cutters

I bought the cutest ever elephant dress for little Abigail. Seriously just adorable! The cool thing is that the elephant was almost identical to my Ellie the Elephant cookie cutter. All I had to do was add a crown and it was an exact match. So I used my existing cookie cutter and then I took it a step farther and made an elephant cookie cutter with a crown and made a mini crown to make the cookies 3 different ways. Scroll to the bottom to see Abigail in her new dress.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 This is Emma the Elephant cookie cutter with crown. You can get yours HERE

So cute huh! 
If you already have my other elephant cookie cutter, Ellie the Elephant, then here's how you can make her have a crown too. I used my Ellie cookie cutter and made a mini crown cookie cutter to go with her. You can get Ellie the Elephant and mini crown cutters HERE 
 As you can see, I cut off the right side of Ellie's bow on top of her head. I left the left side up to use to hold on the mini crown.
 and I made these mini crown cookies for accents on the platter and for use with Ellie the Elephant. You can get the mini crown cookie cutter HERE
I outlined the crown in pink and added white small candy dots (or you could use icing) to the tips of the crown
and I put a little dollop of icing on the left side of the bow to hold on the crown to Ellie the Elephant.
 This is Ellie the Elephant with Bow. The one with the crown is Emma the Elephant. You can get the elephant cookie cutters HERE

It was fun to make her in pink & grey and to make some plaid accent circle cookies to go with her. You'll see why in a minute...
I just loved how these came out and I had so much fun making them.
and here's my inspiration. Little Abigail in her new elephant dress from Grandma. I know she's cuter than the cookies, but I try ;)

I was hoping to get out for a bike ride today, but I'm so behind after the Christmas holidays that I'm lucky if I get in a shower! My office is over-flowing. Hoping to get caught up soon.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

White Elephant Game

Have you ever played the White Elephant Game? For Christmas a few weeks ago, my family decided to do a couple new things and one was playing the White Elephant Game. If you haven't played it before, the basics are that you bring one wrapped gift to the party. When someone opens a gift, they can decide to keep it or steal someone else's gift. The gift can only be stolen a couple times and then it remains with that person. Some people bring gifts that are silly or fun or gifts that people will really want to steal. It's fun to see what gets stolen and what people end up with. 

I went to a couple stores and found that it was difficult to find a gift when I didn't know who it was for. My husband went and bought a Chia Pet for his White Elephant gift to give, glad I didn't get that or have to take it home ;-). I ended up coming up with a fun idea instead. Since it was a white elephant game, I decided to make white elephant cookies. It warmed my heart that there was some logic brought to the game as people tried to figure out how many times the cookies would be stolen so that they could make sure to be the one to end up with my cookies! 

I started by making a cookie cutter of a fun elephant with a big bow on her head and room for her trunk. Wouldn't she be fun for a baby shower too! I named her Ellie the Elephant. I have a friend with a daughter named Ellie and she even has pink hair :-) 

Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Card HERE
Download Free Printable Cookie Bag Topper HERE
 and outlined my design
 Since it was a Christmas game, I made the bows in red and green.
 and then I made a bunch of them.
 Since I knew that I would also want the elephant cookie cutter to use in other events, not just the white elephant game, I also made a couple of grey elephants.
 Then I wrapped up all the elephant cookies and put them in a pretty gift box for the game. I also made some cute cookie tags and I made some for YOU too. You can download the Christmas elephant cookie tags by clicking here.
So tell me have you ever played the White Elephant game? What did you bring home?

Oh and did you make sure to enter the Cristin's Cookies give-away on Facebook? We are celebrating 6,000 fans with a fun give-away of EITHER 2 cookie cutters or a box of cookies. You can see full details and enter the give-away by clicking here.
Thanks for reading everyone!

White Elephant blog background for today. THANK YOU to Amy of Happy Hearts Studios for making this fun paper set for my blog! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jungle Animal Baby Shower for Mellissa Anne

My daughter is having a baby. Have I told you? Yaa I know, I've been yelling it from the rooftops. I'm just a bit excited. Can you blame me? I'm going to be a grandma for the first time. I can't wait to meet little baby Abigail. If she is anything like my own baby girl, then she is going to be beyond amazing.

So I hosted a baby shower for Mellissa. We invited about 30 of Mellissa's closest friends, co-workers and family. I made some cookies. Mellissa knew from the start that she wanted the theme to be Jungle Animals, so she started giving me gifts of jungle animal cookie cutters for Christmas last year. Cute huh! I bought a few to add to the collection too. Then we waited for the shower and waited. I was so excited to make jungle animal cookies for the first time and then it came time and I just stared at all these cookies and kind of got overwhelmed. Every single cookie I was making was a brand new design. I felt over my head. 

Thankfully Mellissa came over and together we decided on designs for each of the animals. We decorated each and every cookie together. I felt so blessed. This is a memory that I'll always remember and cherish. Since we played lots of baby shower games, I have a game for you. I want YOU to guess which cookie was my very favorite. I'm so in love with this new cutter that I can't even tell you! So which one? Be specific. And tell me which one is YOUR favorite too!

 Monkey Full Body Platter
 Monkey Full Body #1 - oh my, he is so cute! 
 Lion Platter
 Lion #1 - I wanted to give him eyelashes, but Mellissa said he's a boy so he only got eye brows ;-) I love his little ears and face detail that Mellissa and I came up with together.
 Giraffe Head Platter
Giraffe Head #1 - Isn't he so fun?
 Giraffe Head #2 - and of course I had to make one in pink & lime too
 Giraffe Long Legs Platter
 Giraffe Long Legs #1
 Giraffe Long Legs #2 - I made this one with the pink hearts to exactly match one of the baby outfits that I got Mellissa
 Giraffe Long Legs #3 - this one with the stripes, I made to specifically match the cutest little outfit for the baby that you could imagine. It has a matching hat and bloomers too. 
 Zebra Platter
Zebra #1 - I love her eyelashes and detail 
Zebra #2 with pink details - oooh so cute! 
 Giraffe Short Leg Platter
Giraffe Short Leg #1 - I like the original
 Giraffe Short Leg #2 - Pink and brown, you can't go wrong with that for a little girl
Giraffe Short Leg #3 - I decided I needed a few giraffe cookies with fun polka dots
 Giraffe Short Leg #4 - with stripes to match that super cutesie baby outfit I was telling you about
 Giraffe Short Leg #5 - Pink & lime polka dots on a giraffe - love
 Monkey Head Platter
 Monkey Head #1 - This was a Christmas gift from Mellissa and she came up with the design. Super cute and I have an idea for another design that I will be making next too.
 Tiger Platter
 Tiger #1 - I used a huge cat cookie cutter for this one and Mellissa came up with the design of the cutest Tiger EVER. I think my dad would have really liked this one although he really liked monkeys too. 
 Elephant Platter
 A lot of people have done the cutesie elephant for baby showers. Since this was my first time and I wanted everything to be original, I added the toes and Mellissa added the tail. What a fun collaborative project!
Elephant #1 - he is just too cute 
 Leopard Platter
 Lepard #1 - Mellissa and I looked through pictures of real leopards and oohed and aahed at how gorgeous they were and then we came up with our design for the cookie. Before we added the leopard print, he looked a lot like Spy Fox. Do you know Spy Fox? You are SUPER COOL in my book if you know who Spy Fox is. My son took one look at him and said "it's Spy Fox" and had this gorgeous huge grin. 
 and of course we needed some Palm Trees for the Jungle...
 Palm Tree #1

So which one was my favorite and which one is your favorite???

Thank you to my Princess friend, Melissa of Simply Sweets by Honeybee, for sending super adorable gifts to my Mellissa. You're such a sweetie! We've never met, we're online friends and what a sweet and thoughtful thing to do to send presents for the baby!!!
Thank you to my Princess friend Aymee of The Candied Flower, for sending these gorgeous handmade lollipops for Mellissa's shower. The guests LOVED them and they were so pretty!
Thank you to my mom, Betsy, for making all these cutesie lollipop covers for Mellissa's shower. They were so adorable!!! 
 and thank you to Beth of Lolasitas Etsy shop for making me these adorable diaper cakes in our jungle theme. They were SO cute on our tables as decoration!
and lastly thank you to my step-daughter, Sarah and my niece, Amber and our friend, Christine, for all their help during the baby shower! I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you to Mellissa and Irik for the excitement of becoming a grandma very soon!

Don't forget to leave me a comment telling me which cookie you think was my very favorite and then which one was your favorite?

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