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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day Cookies and more to come

Did you have a wonderful Mothers Day? I sure did! I went on an 84-mile bike ride and my daughter joined me for part of the ride. It was really the perfect way to spend the day. Well.. except for the cold! I did fine when I was on the bike and pedaling hard, but every time we stopped, my body tensed and up and I was shivering cold. Still a perfect day! I made lots of Mothers Day cookies. Today I'll show you the flowers that I made. 
I put them all on sticks and put them in cute buckets.
I forgot to add decorative ribbon to the buckets. That would have been cute too.

and lastly (for today) I made these Mom cookies. I like the outlined ones best.
I celebrated Mothers Day with my mom the day before the actual holiday. We spent time at her favorite place, the beach. We had such a great, loving time together. 
My dog, Eddie had never been to the beach before and was pretty excited!
Happy Mothers Day everyone! More cookies to come tomorrow.